Phillip Ensler

Phillip Ensler: Will the real D.C. please stand up?

As I prepared to return to D.C. for the semester, I noticed that the premiere of the highly anticipated Real Housewives of D.C. coincided very nicely with my return to the city. I incredulously tuned into the show, yet doing so had a very unexpected effect on me. Rather than just letting the show’s drama […]

Phillip Ensler: How ‘Thirsty Thurston’ won’t dry up

After reading about GW Housing Program’s plan to house a variety of student communities in Thurston Hall next year, I could not help but laugh at the absurdity of having substance-free students living in the place unofficially dubbed “Thirsty Thurston” by GW students. The decision to place such a community in Thurston is obtuse for […]

Phillip Ensler: Legislative success for students

Last month a frenzy around the nation’s capital – and throughout the country, for that matter – centered on the House of Representatives’ passage of a health care reform bill. But a major component of that bill has not been given sufficient attention. When Congress passed the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act last […]

Phillip Ensler: Appreciating those without titles

I am not a big reality television fan, but a new show on CBS called “Undercover Boss” has caught my attention. Unlike some of the more popular shows, “Undercover Boss” doesn’t promote fame and fortune. It applauds the hard work and humility of rank-and-file employees at big businesses. Its exposure of and focus on the […]

Phillip Ensler: Seeking fairness on campus

As college students, the sight of two people making out, couples holding hands and the ever-changing “relationship status” on Facebook are omnipresent. It is a perfectly casual and comfortable aspect of many of our lives. We need not worry about repercussions in our respective jobs, internships and future places of employment for the way in […]