Phil Longo

Internet revamps GW technology

Every student remembers trying to locate classrooms across GW’s campus during the first week of freshman year. Students looked at paper maps and attempted to decipher which code went with which building and then struggled to figure out how to actually get there. Next year’s class will have a different experience. Most will probably point […]

Students unite to celebrate Thanksgiving

Students of all races, cultural backgrounds and religions united for dinner and dancing at the Thanksgiving Gala Friday night at the J.W. Marriott, a hotel in Northwest D.C. The event, sponsored by the Program Board, the International Student Organization, the International Student Society and the Student Activities Center, was the culmination of Religion Week. It’s […]

Computer viruses infect GW

Computer viruses are becoming a more frequent problem for GW students, afflicting more computers than ever and constantly changing form, a University official said. More than 16,000 different variations of computer viruses lurk in cyberspace, according to Despite the growing number of different viruses, students are not powerless, said Alexa Kim, director of Student […]

GW graduate produces his first independent film

Shane Morris, who graduated from GW last year, faced some difficult decisions at the end of his senior year. Parents and friends expected Morris, a political science major and history minor, to attend law school, but quietly he still entertained dreams of being a film producer. Morris said he designed his own course in film […]