Peter Joseph

Arts:The Hatchet chats up Jaime Pressly from Not Another Teen Movie

Actress Jaime Pressly has a bone to pick with teen movies, and as part of Not Another Teen Movie‘s ensemble cast, she has her chance to chew the genre out for its vapid, formulaic take on high school life. “All these movies have stereotypes,” said Pressly, during a recent college roundtable interview. “Do you really […]

Comedic cast hijacks Ocean’s Eleven

Just because you never saw the 1960s Rat Pack original doesn’t mean you haven’t seen Ocean’s Eleven before. Director Steven Soderbergh’s (Erin Brockovich) new effort joins the ranks of recent nostalgia crime films – movies such as Get Shorty and Snatch – that look back on the imagined golden days of crime. It characterizes a […]

Rotten metaphor brings pain to dark comedy

Frank Sangster may be the perfect dentist. He’s charming, friendly and is more than a little liberal with the nitrous oxide. With his firmly established practice and oncoming wedding, it seems that everything in his life is perfect, and yet somehow his life’s gleaming exterior conceals a dark, rotten core. With a predictable plot and […]

Sedaris packs Lisner

“One of my goals is to never open a book I’ve written,” best-selling author David Sedaris told an audience of about 1,500 Friday night at Lisner Auditorium. With that brief introduction, Sedaris went on to read several new, unpublished essays on his family, his upcoming movie and the Dutch tale of Saint Nicholas. In his […]

Coen brothers fall short

The Coen brothers have brought some of the most original movies in the ’90s to the public eye. Fargo, The Big Lebowski and O Brother Where Art Thou apply an often dark sense of humor to offbeat scenarios and unpredictable plots. But with The Man Who Wasn’t There, the brothers’ homage to the classic black-and-white […]

Arts: Swingers star discusses success

While making his credited screen debut in Rudy, Vince Vaughn became friends with another struggling young actor, Jon Favreau, who decided to write Vaughn into a script he was working on. That script eventually became the critical hit Swingers. And what at first seemed a minor career sideline soon vaulted Vaughn into films by such […]

Arts: Romance rises above morality

Few films manage to make unconfessed infidelity, sex in exchange for diamonds and incestuous relationships the topics of a light-hearted romantic comedy. What is Hollywood thinking? The gleefully refreshing Va Savoir does just that. An intellectualized amorality governs its characters, a non-Christian ideology not often found in American films, but sincerely played out in this […]

Dazed and Confused director delves into the mind

Director Richard Linklater has tilled the mental plane in films such as Before Sunrise, Slacker and Dazed and Confused. But in his new, computer-illustrated feature, Waking Life, Linklater delves deeper into the subconscious than ever before, exploring dreams, reality and the blurred line between the two. “It’s a pretty fundamental idea” Linklater said in a […]

Arts: Engaging characters reign in ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’

“Glengarry Glen Ross” hits the ground running. Beginning mid-sentence, mid-argument, the tension that is evident when the lights first come up helps make this a darkly funny play to the very end. The first act, set in a Chinese restaurant, presents a series of dining pairs. Each pair connects to the same real estate firm, […]

Audiences taste old and new

Tori Amos D.A.R. Constitution Hall Constitution Hall maintains a level of dignity when it hosts concerts: smoking is not allowed, food is not allowed and – an unspoken rule – talking is not allowed. Throughout Tori Amos’ superlative set, the audience sat in what could be called a respectful hush. The first strains of each […]