Peter Joseph

A room with a view

Colonials Weekend draws closer every day, and space at area hotels is filling up fast. But before family members rush to make reservations at the Allen Lee, they might want to consider something a bit more historic. Check out the Willard InterContinental. Sure, it might not have the same sleazy cachet as the Watergate or […]

Arts: Rufus Wainwright burns the 9:30 Club to flames

Rufus Wainwright has performed at D.C.’s 9:30 Club several times over the past year, and each time the stage has been shortened and the dance floor expanded to accommodate an ever-growing audience. If his following keeps growing, Wainwright told a packed house Saturday night, he soon will perform outside the club. Wainwright’s success deserves its […]

Review: Monster’s Ball

A good deal of Billy Bob Thornton’s on-screen demeanor in the recent The Man Who Wasn’t There remains in his part of the new film Monster’s Ball (Lion’s Gate Films). His weathered face bears the same stolid, pained look, and his eyes still hold a wary fearfulness. But thankfully in this new role Thornton actually […]

Eve Ensler takes one last shot at ‘The Vagina Monologues’

Eve Ensler’s award-winning play, “The Vagina Monologues,” is under any circumstances a thrilling theatrical event. But what marks the play’s weeklong stay at D.C.’s National Theatre as truly notable is the announcement that these few nights will be the last chance for the world to see Ensler herself perform this world-renowned work. Ensler’s original monologues […]

‘On the Jump’ falls flat on the ground

Mistaken identities and star-crossed lovers have served as fallow fields for playwrights since Shakespearean times, and yet few plays have mishandled these timeless elements of romantic comedy as the tragically bad “On the Jump,” which is currently jerking itself around Arena Stage like a badly sewn-together Frankenstein. Little Colleen Ferguson (Andrea Anders) has had bad […]

Jack Black plays the moron on and off the camera

After a decade of bit parts in several movies of questionable quality, a turn in the hit High Fidelity introduced movie watchers to Jack Black, whose on-screen style receives favorable comparisons to the late John Belushi. At the same time, Black’s comedy act/rock group Tenacious D has begun to make waves with its HBO appearances […]

Hanks and Fisk are famous by association

Colin Hanks and Schuyler Fisk may not have many film credentials. But as far as lineage goes, these stars from the new comedy Orange County have more than a slight advantage. As the son of Tom Hanks and the daughter of Sissy Spacek, the two young actors each carry their Oscar-winning parents as a Hollywood […]

Tomei tells stories from the Bedroom

Usually, actors spend weeks, even months, developing a character. But when Academy Award-winning actress Marisa Tomei took a part in the independent film In the Bedroom, she found herself working on a slightly shorter schedule. Instead of the usual preparation time, Tomei told The Hatchet during a phone interview, first-time writer/director Todd Field “gave me […]

Ex-Ghostbuster Ramis rates Hollywood’s comedic newcomers

Harold Ramis may be best known for his infamous portrayal of Dr. Egon Spangler in the Ghostbusters films, but he also wrote for such comedic films as Animal House and Groundhog Day. It would seem that a veteran of this caliber is above association with untested newbies in the entertainment industry. But while working on […]

Arts: Cruise and Crowe chat about Vanilla Sky

After making Jerry Maguire, actor Tom Cruise and writer-director Cameron Crowe made plans to work together again. Once they saw the Spanish film Open Your Eyes, which Crowe says they “couldn’t stop talking about,” they knew what their next project together would be. “We were definitely looking for something that we could do together, and […]