Peter A. Joseph

Wallflowers’ latest album Breach arrives to listeners DOA

It is a well-known, much belabored fact that Wallflower’s lead singer-guitarist Jakob Dylan hit the genetics jackpot. True, he is the son of folk-icon Bob Dylan, but his looks, a far cry from his father’s awkward and battered appearance, are clearly the result of his mother’s DNA. The same, it would seem, goes for his […]

Spike Lee talks about his new joint Bamboozled with The Hatchet

If nothing else, Spike Lee is a prodigious filmmaker, releasing at least one or two movies each year. His summer offering, Kings of Comedy, was a script-free filming of four popular black comedians’ standup performances. With his latest film, Bamboozled, Lee has switched from immortalizing one facet of black comedy to harshly criticizing another – […]

Poe’s new album, Haunted, has some friendly ghosts

In the greatest example of sibling collaboration since the Brothers Gibb, Poe devoted her song-writing skills to creating a soundtrack befitting her brother Mark Z. Danielewski’s book. A modern ghost story, House of Leaves is the manuscript to a fictional documentary about a house with supernatural powers. From this font of inspiration comes the album, […]

Steel Magnolias creates poetry out of everyday life

An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure, declares Clairee, one of the regulars at Truvy’s hair salon. Steel Magnolias, the latest production of GW’s Theater and Dance Department, lives by this motto, shucking any notions of grand theatre and focusing upon the simplicity of everyday life. What is left is average people […]