Paul Contos

WEB EXTRA: “The Fountain”

Part of a quest to find career revitalization, The Fountain is the story of a once acclaimed director trying to return to relevance in the film world after an extended hiatus. Darren Aronofsky’s new film is the story of a man trying to save his wife from different forms of spreading infection jumping in context […]

WEB EXTRA: The Strokes lacks luster in recent D.C. concert

It may be somewhat difficult to believe now, but at one point, The Strokes were considered rock music’s saviors. It’s a fact that has become even more unfathomable now. New York City’s most admired and privileged sons appeared to have reached a plateau after the release of their highly-anticipated second album in 2003, “Room on […]

R.I.P. O.D.B.

The past few years have been peppered with the bizarre and unexpected reunions of many musical groups, both important and otherwise. Not to be overshadowed is the reconvening of the very Wu that started it all. The East Coast rap amalgam returns on a grave note after the death of one of the most distinctive […]

Na?ve, madam?

Pegged with such adjectives as “misanthropic” and “morose,” director Todd Solondz might be perceived as a disturbed individual. Like most things, there are layers to understanding his purpose as a filmmaker. In such instances, one might glance at Solondz’s new film “Palindromes” (Wellspring) with a misconceived notion of the man who birthed it. Solondz presents […]

Interview with “Palindromes” director Todd Solondz

Hatchet: What pushed you to get involved in filmmaking and go to film school? Todd Solondz: After I went to college I thought I would never go back. I studied at Yale for undergraduate where I majored in English, and it was a waste of time. But now it is hip to go to film […]

“Sideways” and Behind: An interview with writer/director Alexander Payne

Riding the critical acclaim of “About Schmidt,” director and co-writer Alexander Payne took the cynical road through Southern California’s wine country in his new film “Sideways.” Starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, this venture demonstrated that he is more than a satirist but one also drenched in pinot noir expertise. Hatchet: Where did the […]


In a country filled with such great political skeptics, it is not unusual to find humor in the concept of trust in politics at any level of power. Corporate control over American politics continues to regulate what most Americans are told is relevant to legislative forums. As one of today’s most overlooked writer/directors, John Sayles […]

Secret Machines, Blonde Redhead at the Black Cat

A dreary, rainy evening opened with the blinding light of heaven in the form of a Dallas-turned-New York band known as the Secret Machines. Three shaggy-haired men reeking of early-’90s brashness took the stage in front of three spotlights that were pointed straight into their audience, causing many to avert their eyes. But this only […]

The Secret Revealed

Against the back wall of the Black Cat, I sat down with Josh Garza, the drummer from rock group The Secret Machines, just before his performance with the Blonde Redhead. Sipping on his triple shot of Bombay Sapphire, Garza set the tone for the intense show I was about to witness. Hatchet: When did the […]

Spring bling!

First, let’s just get the irony of the situation out of the way: a chart-topping college dropout headlined a University-sponsored concert on the quad last Saturday. Moving right along, it’s possible to look at this year’s Spring Fling and see the play list from an eccentric mix CD someone made for you. Numerous musical genres […]