Otis Townes

Debating the great issues of the day

I must commend The GW Hatchet. Not only is that the one line in this column that won’t be edited beyond all recognition, it’s also true. When I open The Hatchet these days, I get exposed to all kinds of exciting ideas: the ups and downs of sweatshops, the changes in gender roles, and, most […]

E pluribus you and I and that guy

I awoke Tuesday to the most horrifying news: the United Nations had announced the birth of the six-billionth baby. Yes, there are six billion of us on Earth, and that’s just way too many. Forget your concerns about food and water. More Brita filters can always be made, and there are plenty of Jamba Juice […]

Welcome back, it’s good to see you!

So what’s on your minds as you return to GW – filling its residence halls, classrooms, parking spaces and nearby bars to capacity and beyond? What, as you unpack and move into your room with your own phone and Internet (!!!XXX Pics/NAKED GIRLS, LIVE!!!) connection? From what I’ve heard, you’d like to hear how random […]