Nour Hammour

The Royal Treatment

During the month of April, there’s only one place that a girl can be seen without her makeup. Ladies can get primped and powdered at the Knight Spa, hosted on Thursday and Friday nights at the Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa in Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue. At the social pre-game party, Gomez’s salon provides their […]

A global take on healthcare

For GW students involved with GlobeMed, fighting AIDS is not just about wearing a red ribbon or passing out condoms – it’s about selling doughnuts too. Last week the members of GW GlobeMed sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts outside of the Farragut West Metro stop to raise money for FaceAids, an AIDS support group that works […]

Students serve Halloween breakfast to homeless

There is nothing glamorous about rolling out of bed before 7 a.m. – especially on the morning of Halloween – but for freshmen Emily Helpbern and Rebecca Quarella, not even an active social life could stop them from serving breakfast at the Dinner Program for Homeless Women last Wednesday morning. “I wouldn’t miss it, even […]

Exotic engineer

By day, junior Sabrina Patel can be found in the library studying linear programming, network models and queuing theory for her systems analysis major in the engineering school. But by night, her work gets much more scandalous. Patel, often clad in barely-there lingerie, a bikini or S&M apparel, has spent the past year flaunting and […]

Beer pong bacteria

Every college student who’s ever been involved in a beer pong game knows that it isn’t sanitary. But do you really want to know what kinds of bacteria are swimming around those slimy ping-pong balls and Solo cups? Seniors Aaron Heffner and Ben Morrissey did. Heffner and Morrissey are lab partners in their microbiology class […]

A haunted White House: D.C. ghost tour highlights ghoul hot-spots

Want a good Halloween story? Talk to history buff Natalie Zanin. She knows the ghosts who haunt the White House. Zanin, director of “The Ghost Story Tour of Washington,” said ghosts roam the nation’s capital frequently and freely – particularly around the White House – and she’s there to share their stories. Dressed as Dolly […]