Noel Frame

Neighbors misunderstood

It is unfortunate that members of the GW community are so quick to judge our Foggy Bottom neighbors, when few actually take the time to meet these people and listen to their side of the story. Our neighbors are an invaluable resource of information that everyone, particularly students, should take advantage of. The residents of […]

Secrecy must stop

One month and 18 days after I was told that the current freshman class would be required to live on campus next year, the questions still remain. Why haven’t freshmen officially been informed by GW? Or has The Hatchet become the new official communication method? In the Jan. 22 edition of The Hatchet, Associate Dean […]

Op-Ed: New fee to help students

The Hatchet article “RHA passes mandatory fee” (Nov. 15, p. 1) horribly misrepresents the action taken by the Residence Hall Association pertaining to the collection of hall dues. What the writer of this story was told by the RHA but chose to clearly misrepresent is the exploratory status of this issue. This resolution is merely […]