Noah Ruderman

Dave Matthews’ album blends old and new sounds

Many bands rise to stardom and then fall quickly to obscurity. The Dave Matthews Band is different. The band stays afloat simply by doing what it does best – playing good music. Before These Crowded Streets (RCA Records) is the band’s long-awaited follow-up to last year’s smash hit Crash.. In its new album, the band […]

Wayans’ brother shows his talent in Senseless

What would it be like for someone to have their senses heightened to the extreme? That is the question asked in Senseless (Dimension Films), a hilarious new comedy starring Marlon Wayans (The Sixth Man). Wayans may have started his career with a tad of nepotism, but if this film is any indication, his name soon […]

Expected love story never materializes

Once in a while, a film magically captures the indescribable feeling of love. From Love Story to Leaving Las Vegas, undeniable feelings between two people overcome all odds against them – and a historic piece of cinema emerges. Great Expectations (Twentieth Century Fox) is no such film. The film is loosely adapted from the Charles […]

Fallen wastes viewers’ time

To declare Fallen , the new Warner Brothers film starring Denzel Washington (The Preacher’s Wife), the year’s worst movie would be unfair. After all, the year has just begun. To place this film among the decade’s worst might be more appropriate. Fallen , surprisingly, is written by the talented Nicholas Kazen, who also wrote the […]

Play-to-film adaptation works with Winter Guest

“Everybody wants . I want,” are the words spoken by real-life mother Phyllida Law (Emma) to her daughter in The Winter Guest (Fine Line), a devastatingly honest and powerful new film. Alan Rickman, best known for his classic role as the villain in the original Die Hard, makes his directorial debut working from an adaptation […]