Nina Beckhardt

WEB EXTRA: Luke Wilson: Making the leap from fraternity to frightening

Build it and they will come. Hollywood built it and the A-listers are a-comin’. What has been built, you ask? A nation-wide obsession with horror, violence and having one’s pants scared off. Films like “The Ring” and “Saw” were some of the first horror flicks to re-whet the nation’s appetite for blood-curdling cinematic terror. Despite […]

WEB EXTRA: Laughing it up for brain cancer at DC Comedy Fest

Last Thursday night, HR-57 was filled with people laughing in the face of brain cancer. Perhaps I should say, in the name of brain cancer. The small venue is typically aglow with spicy jazz, but this weekend it’s being set ablaze with laughter. Along with The Warehouse Theater Complex (1021 7th St. NW), Flashpoint (916 […]

Dissecting “Flesh and Bone”

Worlds apart from the collegiate hustle and bustle of Foggy Bottom, the 14th Street neighborhood retains a cooler mystique punctuated by glowing pockets of theater, ethnic carryout and edgy galleries. The difference is palpable and enticing. Actually, there’s something quite magical about the chilled solitude of 14th street on a March evening. Even more magical […]

White meat only, please

Meat Market – sounds like another metro-sexual commercial space trying to appear edgy and raw (pun intended, one assumes). The narrow 17th Street venue is actually a former butcher shop. Interestingly enough, the work of Christopher L. Williams’ “Carniceria” and J.J McCracken’s “Stasis” cater to this previous identity. On Feb 2, Williams’ sculptural installation and […]