Nikita Sabharwal

Blind Date: Too close for comfort

This week’s Hatchet Blind Date broke one of the cardinal rules of dating: Don’t date your friends’ exes. Adding to that, junior Nate Andorsky brought his best friend along on the date, who happens to be junior Alyssa Friedlander’s roommate’s boyfriend. Their Wednesday evening dinner at Peacock Café showed the two blind daters, with their […]

Taking stress to the streets: chalk it out

When it comes to relieving stress some choose exercise, others choose cigarettes or alcohol. But for over-worked students outside of Gelman Library Thursday afternoon, there was only one way to relieve their tension: draw it out. Last week the University Counseling Center sponsored their annual “chalk-in,” where students, faculty and staff are invited to relieve […]

A step to a cure

Ashley Irl never thought the birthmark on her leg that she was born with was anything but just that. Now a senior majoring in finance and international business, Irl has come a long way since learning that the birthmark was cancerous. “When I was in eighth grade it was raised and growing in size,” Irl […]

Breaking down the elements

Early Saturday morning, middle school and high school students launched balloons off of Marvin Center, catapulted projectiles across Smith Center and designed a contraption known as the “boomilever” in the School of Media and Public Affairs building. It may have looked like revenge of the kids, but the 800 students and teachers were actually competing […]

Thanksgiving without the homemade turkey

Instead of the usual turkey and stuffing, junior Jordan Teller’s Thanksgiving dinner menu will consist of pizza and beer. Teller, who is originally from Los Angeles, will be staying on campus this year for Thanksgiving. Teller, a three-year veteran of WRGW, is not going home because he will be broadcasting the GW men’s basketball game […]

Weekly Checkup: Toxic Shock Syndrome

Tampons aren’t the only perpetrators of toxic shock syndrome. In fact, one-third of patients diagnosed with TSS are men, said Dr. Cara Sue Schultz an associate university physician at Student Health Service. TSS is a serious but extremely uncommon bacterial infection caused by a bacterium known as staphylococcus, according to “In my 12 years […]

Students support family members in Iraq

For junior Andrew Breza, supporting the troops in Iraq isn’t just about sending cards to anonymous faces overseas or raising money for the soldiers, although he does do all of those things. Breza supports the troops overseas by sending comfort to his cousin, a commanding officer in Iraq. On Sunday, Breza, a member of GW’s […]