Niketa Brar

‘Current Nobody’ premieres at Wooly Mammoth Theatre

Web Extra Playwright Melissa James Gibson does not seem too interested in Homer’s Cyclops, Lotus-Eaters or the Trojan horse. Instead, she finds that more trying than any of the divine challenges Odysseus overcomes are the emotional battles faced by those who have never climbed aboard his ship. In the world premiere of “Current Nobody” at […]

Niketa Brar: 4-Ride vital to campus safety

It is not every campus that can brag about being four blocks away from the White House. It is not every campus that affords its students a breathtaking view of the Washington Monument – from their residence hall window. And it is not every campus that has to worry about its students being held up […]

Niketa Brar: The value of a true education

There are few things I can count on with more certainty than Christmas and President George W. Bush’s follies. One of them is that mood that strikes me every semester – the motivation I feel as I prepare myself for three and a half months of real, grueling work. Every September and January, like a […]

Niketa Brar: GW must boost efforts to keep professors happy here

With all the changes that GW has seen this year, two things have stayed consistent thus far: we’re still the most expensive school in the country and we still underpay our faculty. Last week, the University of California, Berkeley announced that the Hewlett Foundation would supplement Berkeley’s $2.5 billion endowment with another $113 million, to […]

Student politicos, from K Street to the Hill

GW students hail from all 50 states and more than 125 countries around the world. But once they get to D.C., many have at least one common interest: politics. Whether they are lobbying a member of Congress, working in the speaker of the House of Representative’s office, or perhaps supporting a senator’s quest to make […]

Tying the knot

It all began with a love of the St. Louis Rams. Boy likes football. Boy’s favorite team makes it to the playoffs. Boy goes to watch the playoffs over at a friend’s apartment. Boy meets girl. Two years later, boy asks girl to marry him. It may not sound like your traditional love story, but […]

Networking while lecturing

In a little office on the fourth floor of the School of Media and Public Affairs sits a man who has the ability to change students’ futures. It looks like a pretty typical room – walls adorned with Yankees memorabilia and images of old colleagues, and windowsills overflowing with pictures of loved ones. But predictable […]

“Fifteen miles on the C & O Canal…”

Seniors Dan Kirkwood and Tommy Siegel, like many students at GW, have government jobs – but unlike most, theirs entail wearing clothing from the 1800s, playing the banjo, speaking in colonial accents and knowing a lot about American history. Kirkwood and Siegel work for the National Park Service as historical re-enactors and give boat tours […]

New building on the block

It sure is a far cry from his room in Crawford Hall last year. Junior Phil Kaminski and his two roommates scoured the District before deciding the new 2400 M Street apartments were the place to be. With salmon-colored granite counter tops, hi-tech kitchen appliances, full bathrooms for every bedroom, walk-in closets, washer and dryer […]

Cherry Tree salesman indicted for fraud at 27 D.C. schools

A yearbook salesman who worked with the University was indicted by a federal grand jury late last month for allegedly laundering more than $700,000 from yearbook sales at 27 D.C. and Maryland high schools and colleges – including GW – over a period of five years. Joseph Wenzl, a sales representative from Texas-based Taylor Publishing […]