Niketa Brar

Niketa Brar: This is you

As I prepare for my departure from Foggy Bottom, I can only hope that this campus never sees the end of you – the always eager, always vocal GW student.

Niketa Brar: Time out for GW sports and dorms

I’ve seen the future of university life – and it ain’t pretty. Brandeis University announced last week that it would begin selling off its $350 million art collection that includes original works by Andy Warhol. Meanwhile, Southern New Hampshire University is ditching the traditional collegiate experience for underclassmen, eliminating dorms and offering students a bare […]

Niketa Brar: The way through the glass ceiling

My post-election high is wearing off. As is common with the onset of sobriety, the reality that’s left is a lot less exciting than what I had imagined in my head. And it’s making me cranky. With all the talk of achieving equality and breaking glass ceilings lately, someone seems to have forgotten the arena […]

Niketa Brar: Five ways to spend $5 billion

One more day, and it will finally be over. Gone will be that questioning voice in commercials asking you to rethink your candidate. No more half-hour infomercial candidate ads. And I’ll finally be able to get through my day without a phone call telling me why the other guy is actually the devil incarnate. While […]

Niketa Brar: From classroom to community

Face it GW, it’s the year of change. Get on board, or get off the track. After a few decades characterized by emerging skylines, rising populations and expanding boundaries, this campus has fallen into a rut. In a competitive college market, standing alone with a sky-high price-tag in a downward sloping economy is not a […]

Niketa Brar: The 2008 election: Taking a page from the VMAs

So I have a confession. Perhaps the greatest threat to a writer’s career is losing the respect of their readership – I’m no different. Yet as much as I may want to cling to any shred of dignity I may have, it is time to finally reveal my deep-seated obsession with Britney Spears. The truth […]

Niketa Brar: It’s just not going to happen

So maybe we are at summer camp after all. The University recently announced that they will soon launch a new campus unity campaign targeting the oft-heard complaint that this campus just does not have any spirit. “GW Olympathon” aims to bring students together in a competition which sounds reminiscent of middle school P.E. – but […]

Niketa Brar: Planning an academic future

At first, I thought I was just lazy. Somewhere after a rather compulsive freshman year, I stopped believing in work ethic. I put off papers until the early morning hours a day or two before the due date and don’t read until the week before an exam. Recently, the disintegration of my previously immutable work […]

Niketa Brar: Rich student, poor student

It is not uncommon for this page to contain an editorial critical of GW’s notoriously high tuition. Many a student has decried the burden of a yearly check to the University that rests above $50,000. And though I agree that it is certainly a bitter pill to swallow, it is time to take notice of […]

Niketa Brar: Uncertainty in university life

It takes me six and a half hours to fly home. And then it takes me five hours and twenty minutes to really fly back home. Some point after the summer camp-like adrenaline rush of freshman year wore off, the reality of living in D.C. for eight months a year set in. My family’s residence […]