Nicole Wetherell

Trading in politics for plants

Among the hordes of young undergraduates and 20-something graduate students who swarm GW’s classrooms day after day to study politics, international affairs, business or law, there’s one degree program at the University that truly caters to a unique crowd. At the Landscape Design Graduate Certificate Program, located on the Virginia campus in Loudoun County, students […]

The fruits of labor

Every year on the first Monday in September, Labor Day is celebrated across the nation. Students don’t have school, no one goes to work and even the federal government shuts down, but what exactly are Americans commemorating? While Labor Day unofficially signals the end of summer, anyone taking a day off from work is automatically […]

What’s the deal with… GW’s late start this fall?

Back in early April, junior Ted Lynch and his father bought two plane tickets from St. Louis to D.C. for Saturday, Aug. 26 – the day Lynch planned to move into his new dorm room. Lynch said that when he bought the ticket he didn’t give the date a second thought, since the last Saturday […]

Not your average aerobics class

The University’s K gym on 23rd Street looks like a traditional school gymnasium, but on the eastern-most wall, there is a big, parchment scroll. “It’s not best to win a hundred out of a hundred battles, rather the highest level of skill is to defeat the opponent without engaging in battle,” the scroll says in […]

Sex Issue: AIDS in the District

This story is part of The GW Hatchet’s 2006 Life Section Sex Issue. As part of freshman Hayley Richardson’s volunteer work, she makes and distributes condom kits and crack kits. Distributing free condoms and clean syringes, Richardson regularly works with Prevention Works, an organization striving to reduce the spread of HIV in the nation’s capital. […]

A rich kid reputation?

GW is one of the most expensive colleges in the country. Take a look at the student body and you might wonder if it shows. Gucci sunglasses, UGG boots and other designer labels are no strangers in many students’ closets, and some fancy cars are no strangers on the streets. At $36,400 for this year’s […]

Halloween on Embassy Row: How do you say trick-or-treat in Irish?

Trick-or-treating along Embassy Row is not the average door-to-door walk. It’s more like a trip around the world. If a student is going trick-or-treating, Embassy Row is the place to go. Or, at least that’s what people say. Every country doesn’t celebrate Halloween, so not every embassy participates in the candy-dispensing tradition. Some embassies on […]

Synchronized stepping: Students embrace ballroom dancing

It’s almost midnight on a Wednesday, and the Health and Wellness Center second floor multi-purpose room is packed. But there’s not a sweaty T-shirt in sight. No spandex shorts. Not a mat or exercise bike either. Three boys stand close to the full-length mirrors lining the walls in garb not traditionally seen in the campus […]

Not down with hooking up: resisting the culture

The word “hookup” is as vital to the college vocabulary as pronouns. But for some college students, it’s just a word, not a lifestyle. While hooking up – or participating in a casual sexual encounter with little or no emotional involvement – is the norm, some students choose not to conform to the culture. Sometimes […]

Facebook’s hot lists

Not all of the students in these groups are really models, but at least someone thinks they should be. The student networking database is home to several groups claiming to list GW’s most attractive students. The groups include “The 25 Hottest Girls at GW,” “The 25 Hottest Guys at GW,” “The 25 Hottest Guys […]