Nicole Cairns

Fountain of sound

What is Augustana? The easy answer is the band that opened for Ben Lee and Aqualung at Saturday’s Fountain Day at Mount Vernon. As for what the word means, even the band doesn’t know. “We were told it means ‘small glimpse of hope’ in Latin,” bassist Jared Palomar said. “But we’re not for sure.” They’ve […]

‘United’ we stand?

We’ve seen it before. Politicians, musicians and movie stars have all attempted to capitalize on the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001 to sell policies, political beliefs and even CDs. Appealing to patriots on both the left and the right of the political spectrum, the highly anticipated film “United 93” (Universal Pictures) attempts to do […]

Hip-hop hit-maker

As May quickly approaches for graduating seniors, some are still asking the big question: what do you do after college? Many students get jobs on Capitol Hill or go on to graduate school. But 2004 School of Business graduate Gabe Smiles decided to take a job on K Street at a litigation support company (or […]

Freshman phenom: Kevin Eskowitz

Freshman Kevin Eskowitz came to D.C. for the first time as an 8th grader on a school fieldtrip. Since then, his love for the city has grown and now he’s looking to infuse the local music scene with his acoustic musical stylings. “I really feel like there’s a music scene that’s bubbling within, and (D.C.) […]

Q and Not U

Most of us live out our four years at GW as transplanted students. Plucked right out of high school, we’re thrown into classes, we set up internships, and we’re told to make something of ourselves. Something we’re not often told to do is to make the city ours or become a part of the city. […]

A good Day

Before taking the stage Saturday afternoon for the Mount Vernon Campus’ Fountain Day, pop musician Howie Day executed his normal pre-show rituals. After two cocktails, a layer of Chapstick and one last glance in the mirror, he was set to hit the stage in Lloyd Gym. The singer/songwriter, who was recruited by the Program Board […]

‘Boy’ just wants to have fun

Five years ago, Chicago natives Fall Out Boy weren’t there to see their hometown become a breeding ground for an invasion of pop-punk bands. The band’s hook-laden sound was out making waves across the country while setting the standard for aspiring musicians back home. But while most trendy pop-punk bands didn’t last very long, Fall […]

VACO Backstage

What do you get when you combine the sounds of soul, rock, funk, gospel and folk? The answer sounds a little like Spring Fling performer Virginia Coalition. After the band’s performance, The Hatchet caught up with bassist Jarrett Nicolay to find out more about the member’s roots in nearby Alexandria, Va. The four band members […]

Real entertainment

Whether he’s handing Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore his resume or playing a video game with Tara Reid, Boaz Frankel brings a new dynamic to entertainment news as the host of Clips & Quips, a program that GW-TV and nearly 30 other college television stations across the country have recently added to their line-up. “What […]