Nick Fraccaro

WEB EXTRA: Movie review: ‘Jarhead’

War films often become tiresome, as war itself is often described as having long periods of dullness punctuated by moments of frenetic activity. War is never experienced through the same lens, and is a different experience from one platoon to another. This distinction seems to be mirrored in the life cycle of the war-film genre. […]

Column: Film major more than a dream

When world-renowned French film director Bertrand Tavernier was approached by the American Film Institute to attend a screening of his newest film “Holy Lola,” he agreed, but also wanted to meet with the group of people that the former Motion Picture Association of America president Jack Valenti once called “the future of the film business” […]

Film Review “In the Realms of the Unreal”

Jessica Yu’s startling film documenting the life of outsider artist Henry Darger serves as a cogent reminder of the fantastical worlds and stories Joan Didion once said that we as humans create and “have learned, to freeze the shifting phantasmagoria which is our actual experience.” And so the story follows; Darger, a troubled child floated […]

Movie Review: “Sideways”

The latest addition to Alexander Payne’s slew of increasingly dark and bleak comedies, “Sideways” marks an interesting progression for the director outside of his home state of Nebraska and towards the state that brought him fame. The performances of the indelible Paul Giamatti (“American Splendor”) and Thomas Haden Church (the TV show “Wings”) infuses an […]