Nell McGarity

Congress passes Medicare overhaul

Posted 10:28am December 2 by Nell McGarity U-WIRE Washington Bureau On Tuesday the Senate passed a historic Medicare bill that will expand prescription drug benefits to patients, open the system to competition from private sector insurers, increase federal payments to hospitals and doctors, and offer incentives to employers who offer coverage for retirees. The bill, […]

Kerry tries to regain spot as front-runner

Posted 10:00pm November 20 by Nell McGarity U-WIRE Washington Bureau Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, once the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, has made several changes in his campaign in the past week to try to reclaim the lead in New Hampshire which most polls show is held by former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. In the […]

‘Under God’ under fire

Posted 12:03am October 24 by Nell McGarity U-WIRE Washington Bureau The pledge of allegiance case, which will be heard by the Supreme Court without conservative Justice Antonin Scalia next year, will bring forth not only questions of the constitutionality of the phrase “under God” in the pledge, but also the issue of legal standing. The […]

Recall signal against political establishment

Posted 12:54pm October 11 by Nell McGarity U-WIRE Washington Bureau With 54.7 percent of the state voting in favor of recalling Governor Gray Davis, Dem, and despite allegations of mistreatment of women among other things, actor and former Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rep, has successfully won the governorship of California. Garnering 48.1 percent of the […]