Nathan Brill

CVS fraud prompts concerns over GWorld use

University officials are warning students to closely monitor their GWorld accounts after a CVS employee stole $1,378 from 16 students last month. The current system does not adequately protect users from fraudulent charges, University Police Chief Dolores Stafford said. From Jan. 10 to Jan. 22, an employee at the CVS on 22nd and E streets […]

Frosh fears retaliation after Thurston drug bust

University Police officers seized a large quantity of marijuana last week in simultaneous raids of three Thurston Hall rooms. UPD conducted at least two of the searches based on information from a freshman who now fears retaliation from several people that were cited for drug possession. On Jan. 21, UPD officers searched the Thurston rooms […]

7-Eleven takes points again

Students can breathe a sigh of relief, as they can once again fill their mouths with Hot Pockets and Slurpees bought at the Mitchell Hall 7-Eleven with Colonial Cash. The popular store stopped accepting Colonial Cash 10 days ago but started taking points again Friday night. The move followed discussions between officials from GW, 7-Eleven, […]

Pell Grant cuts may affect up to 50 students

Some of GW’s most economically disadvantaged students may lose a total of $100,000 in federal financial aid as legislation recently passed by Congress awaits President Bush’s signature. The legislation affects students who have been awarded Pell grants, the main form of federal aid for underprivileged students. Congress’s move, if signed into law, allows the Department […]

Emergency center prepares city

In the event of a terrorist attack, the eighth floor of a nondescript building at 14th and U streets is the city’s coordination point. Through several of the building’s secured doors lies the Emergency Communication Center and the Emergency Operations Center. Renovated after Sept. 11 with $3.9 million in Homeland Security Department grant money, the […]

Students accuse GW employee of theft

University officials are investigating a male maintenance employee accused of entering a Munson Hall room Thursday while female residents slept and stealing approximately $70 in cash. Two female students noticed money missing from their wallets at 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 18 after the maintenance person allegedly left their room. The students said they are concerned […]

Veterans commemorate fallen at memorial

Veterans of conflicts ranging from World War II to the Iraq war filled every seat and spilled onto the surrounding grass at Thursday’s Veterans Day ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial. Speakers discussed the importance and value of those who have served the United States. Vietnam veterans milled about the area, meeting old comrades and […]

Damaged pipe floods HOVA floors

A damaged hot water pipe flooded three Hall on Virginia Avenue floors late Friday night. Residents were without reliable water service until 3:30 p.m. Saturday. At around 10:15 p.m. Friday, a female HOVA resident kicked a third floor radiator, causing a hot water pipe to burst and damage the northwest side of the building. Water […]

GW buildings have too many false alarms, D.C.F.D. says

GW experienced 51 false fire alarms in its buildings through Oct. 19, a figure that has drawn concern and criticism from D.C. fire department officials. “(Fifty-one) seems a little high,” said Alan Etter, a fire department spokesman. “This is what happens with false alarms. Whether or not someone is calling one in to be a […]