Nathan Brill

Businesses spend hundreds on new GWorld machines

Some on-campus GWorld partners are complaining about the new GWorld machines they bought, arguing that the University makes it costly for commercial business to offer the Colonial Cash service to students. Blackboard, the educational technology company that runs the Colonial Cash service, forced all of the merchants accepting the card to switch to a new […]

University institutes hospitalization amnesty plan

The University has adopted a new medical amnesty policy that will allow some students to receive medical attention for alcohol-related problems without receiving disciplinary action. In order for students to benefit from the program, the incident must be their first transportation to the hospital for alcohol and they must not be violating any other parts […]

A free-for-all?

When a friend from high school introduced junior Brian Weiss to the Web site, he was doubtful about being able to score free stuff. “I said that there was no way this could work. I was skeptical of this for years,” Weiss said. “I decided I wanted to prove myself wrong, to see if […]

Democratic strategist accepts NAACP honors

Democratic political strategist and pundit Donna Brazile received the GW NAACP Minority Woman of Excellence Award Tuesday night in the Marvin Center. Brazile, a Louisiana native, rose through the political ranks to run Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign and work under President Clinton. Brazile is a regular guest on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” “American […]

Hidden camera tip prompts UPD search

A likely practical joke turned out to be no laughing matter for three female freshmen living in the Hall on Virginia Avenue. An anonymous tip about a hidden spy camera located in a fourth floor HOVA room led to a search by University Police investigators that didn’t turn up any digital Peeping Toms. Community Director […]

UPD to monitor student behavior

The University Police Department is establishing a team of officers to handle disturbances in Foggy Bottom in order to address residents’ complaints about student behavior. UPD is in the process of hiring three additional officers to be part of the new team, which was formed because some neighbors said the department is doing an inadequate […]

MPD arrests robbers who struck campus

Two male students were robbed on campus – one of them less than a block away from University Police headquarters – minutes apart on Tuesday. Two suspected robbers, who were later apprehended, allegedly showed a small gun to a student at about 2:15 a.m. near 21st and G streets. UPD is headquartered at Woodhull House […]

Columbia Plaza student-residents say management not responsive to concerns

For years, student-residents of Columbia Plaza apartments have been fervently complaining about how they have been treated by management. But officials from GW, which partially owns the building, are telling students it’s not the University’s problem. One of the biggest complaints from students living in Columbia Plaza is the behavior of an off-duty Metropolitan Police […]

UPD fails to halt Ivory Tower vandalism

Replacing exit signs and other objects damaged by vandals in Ivory Tower may cost thousands of dollars, University officials said last week. They also said that because of the time and money associated with repairing parts of Ivory Tower destroyed by vandals, the school might have to delay some maintenance work in the dorm. Eric […]