Natalie Gontcharova

Site lets students swap books, DVDs

Three GW alumni have developed a nationwide network for students to trade books as an alternative to paying what they said are expensive University bookstore prices. The Web site,, encourages students to participate with the slogan “Why buy when you can swap.” Launched by three 2002 graduates in November 2003, the site operates using […]

Student writes mystery novel

Graduate student Ken Kern’s experiences in student government did not just provide him with some practice in politics. It also gave him the backdrop for his first mystery novel. As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, Kerns, a GW political management graduate student, saw an elitist student government that did not live up to […]

Students to appear on WB

GW students will help write, report and produce a weekly public affairs show on the local WB affiliate beginning in January. Some episodes of WB NOW, a local news and talk show on WBDC, will be produced and staffed by GW students. Other shows will be produced by Montgomery College, a community college in Rockville, […]

Journalists offer career advice

Four magazine writers gave aspiring reporters career advice and criticized coverage of the 2004 election at a Thursday panel discussion sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. They advised the 40 students in attendance to avoid being overly political in their writing and dispensed career tips. Some of the journalists had covered this year’s election […]

Taking classes and getting engaged

Most people don’t expect to meet the person they will spend the rest of their lives with at Colonial Inauguration. But senior Jody Elliott and her fianc?, senior Jeff Schrimmer, are not typical college students. The couple, together now for three years, met at freshman orientation and lived on the same Hall on Virginia Avenue […]

Some professors go untrained in high-tech gear

Introductory science professor Martin Zysmilich is one of a few tech-savvy professors on campus. In addition to utilizing PowerPoint, an LCD projector, and a camera that enlarges textbook pages for his 300-student class to see, Zysmilich has taken the initiative to introduce an infrared receiver system used to answer multiple-choice questions. Before each lecture, he […]

Some Hill internships hard to get

Interning on Capitol Hill for a hometown representative is a popular pastime for many GW students. In order to get the job, however, they may have to jump a few hurdles. Internship coordinators at offices where many students hail from, such as New York and New Jersey, and for popular congressmen, are often very selective. […]

McNamara addresses Elliott School

Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara addressed a packed GW lecture hall Tuesday night, answering foreign policy questions after screening a documentary detailing his controversial involvement in the Vietnam War. About 350 people, mostly students, went to hear McNamara speak, and spilled into the aisles and front area of an Elliott School of International Affairs […]

The class of 9/11: Seniors remember attacks

When Brian Adkins was leaving his freshman English class on Sept. 11, 2001, a plane had already hit the north tower of the World Trade Center. Adkins, now a senior, remembered coming back to his room in the Hall on Virginia Avenue and seeing students watching the television in the building’s diner. “Nobody thought it […]

Dean’s scholars to travel to Chile

A new Living and Learning Community will send ten freshmen to Chile to learn first-hand about the effects of globalization. The program, Dean’s Scholars in Globalization, houses the ten freshmen on the Mount Vernon campus. While living together, the students work with advisors to create a unique globalization minor and complete a collaborative research project […]