Molly Gannon

Molly Gannon: The death of “senioritis”

Second semester of senior year no longer connotes the same kind of lazy, laid-back attitude it was once known for at universities around the country. Sometime between when the job market sharpened its already-competitive edge and when many graduate schools began to rival Harvard University in selectivity, the death of “senioritis” occurred. Students can no […]

Molly Gannon: Keep facilities open for students, community

While on campus sporadically over winter break, I wasn’t surprised to find that Foggy Bottom was eerily quiet, a virtual ghost town compared to its usual bustle when students are not on break. I understand that the University, its students and its staff take up much of Foggy Bottom, but the lack of students did […]

Molly Gannon: Tell athletes what to expect in the classroom

Not long after registration closed this fall, the GW Office of Academic Support forwarded an e-mail to all the student-athletes concerning a particular class for spring semester. One professor, who teaches a women’s studies class, made it clear that because her class would be located a bit off campus, athletes should factor 20 minutes into […]

Molly Gannon: Make space for a basketball celebration

Perhaps the most disappointing part of last week for me came when I read about the plans for George Mason and Georgetown universities’ preseason basketball celebrations in The Hatchet (“Area schools beef up baskteball events, Oct. 5 p.1). The story reported that as both of those schools expand their season-opening events, GW administrators had no […]

Molly Gannon: Protest when it matters

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of, appeared in a Washington Post article Thursday defending changes to his Web site that allow users to view up-to-the-minute updates about their friends’ profiles. While there was abundant student protest shortly after the “news feed” feature went online more than a week ago, Zuckerberg gave me little indication that the […]

Molly Gannon: Keep it human in the classroom

“We now have the potential to allow students and faculty to participate in the educational experience when actual physical contact to the classroom may not be possible.” That quote from a Duke University technology manager in an article discussing the new service, “iTunes U,” (“Lectures to go on iTunes,” Aug. 30, p. 1), caught my […]

G Street residents creating own movie

In the basement theater of Mitchell Hall, 31 freshmen gather around Chip Bouchard and chatter with nervous excitement. It is the first official meeting for “Project G Street,” and these students are anxious to make a movie. “This is your film. This is entirely your own,” said Bouchard, the movie’s director and the project’s Community […]

Students pack local bars

Junior Adam Levine throw a party at The Exchange Saloon, they know what attracts students to the 17th and G streets bar – location, location, location. “(The Exchange) is an ideal bar for GW students. It’s very close to campus so when people go out they don’t have to walk very far,” Levine said. With […]

Additional speakers to join Rooney on Commencement stage

Additional speakers will join CBS correspondent and keynote speaker Andy Rooney on stage to address graduates at the May 22 Commencement ceremony on The Ellipse. University officials declined to name the speakers, saying they will wait until next week when President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg returns from an overseas trip to Paris. “We just want to […]

TV show pilot taped at GW

“On Background,” a new television show hosted by professor Steve Roberts, took center stage Monday night in a packed Jack Morton Auditorium for its first taping. In its pilot episode, the interview show welcomed ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson. Roberts and creator-producer Reena Ninan, a GW graduate, hope a major television network will buy the […]