Miranda Green

Science, math majors opt out for other fields

Max Romano wanted to be a computer engineer. He liked technology in high school and did well on his science exams. But within a year of coming to GW, he had changed his mind. Discouraged by the required lecture-style science and math classes, Romano switched his major before taking a single computer science course. In […]

University outlines plan to extend academics globally

The University is redoubling efforts to expand globally through degree partnerships, opting to follow a different model than most colleges, in a bid to further on-campus research efforts and expand academics. In conjunction with this year’s development of a strategic plan for the institution, the University will decide what areas of the world to concentrate […]

Degree audit sees mixed reviews

Students are reporting kinks in the online degree auditing system launched Monday, but administrators in the Office of the Registrar said they have already resolved most of the minor issues reported. Students using the online tool known as DegreeMAP, which is designed to help track progress toward graduation, have encountered problems in applying general curriculum […]

Student health care plan price spikes

The price of the University’s student health insurance plan increased by 21 percent this year following a surge in medical costs. At $1,977 annually, the new fee for the optional health care package grew largely as a result of climbing health care costs across the U.S. “Generally, health insurance premiums for all plans – including […]

Spring outpaces fall abroad

Student participation in spring-semester study-abroad programs continues to outpace fall, despite a five-year push by the Office for Study Abroad to make fall options more appealing. The study abroad office failed to bridge the gap in participation for fall and spring programs, with 238 more students – nearly 42 percent more- opting to go abroad […]

Hatchet ExPat: Living like a star: Brits love ‘American Pie’

When coming to London I was warned of a few American stereotypes: We are closed-minded, we are loud (guilty) and we are easy. But what I didn’t expect when coming to London was that the British view college-aged Americans in another way – as celebrities. I have learned of differences between the American and British […]

McFadden’s makes top 25 list of college bars

GW’s favorite spot for cheap drinks, Lucky Charms and the occasional “Jersey Shore” cast member got a little more “love” this month. Complex.com placed McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon in D.C. on its “25 More College Bars We Love” list because of the bar’s propensity for its patrons to “walk in sober and leave wasted. on […]

Wesley Thomas: A view from the street

Every day, Wesley Thomas wakes up at 4 a.m., grabs his belongings and makes his way through the rush-hour throng around the Foggy Bottom Metro to his final destination: a sidewalk on the corner of 22 and I streets. Thomas, 48, is homeless. He has lived on the streets of D.C. since 1988 and has […]

Student launches self-defense classes

Over the past five months, eight separate cases of hate crimes against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the Dupont Circle neighborhood have been reported. After hearing about the statistics, one GW student decided to fight back. Literally. Junior Matt Wilson decided to use his martial arts and cage-fighting skills to launch the […]