Mira Siegal-Sperling

Waterstreet reclaims title

Student band Waterstreet reclaimed its title at Program Board’s Battle of the Bands along with singer Adam Richman in a packed Hippodrome Thursday night. Both GW performers will open for The Roots in next week’s Spring Fling on the Quad. Four GW acts – Waterstreet, Dave Nelson from Bradford Ave., Richman and the rock and […]

Lottery leaves 400 homeless

More than 400 rising juniors left Saturday’s housing lottery homeless for next year after the room selection ended 10 numbers into the process. All 588 seniors with numbers chose housing, but rising junior numbers, which go from 1,000 to 1,999, stopped at 1,010. The Student Association joined Change for Students to organize an overnight protest […]

Dialogue teaches literature to homeless

Fifteen students, two professors and six homeless men and women sat in a circle discussing author Martin Amis’s short story “The Immortals,” Tuesday morning at Western Presbyterian Church on 24th Street and Virginia Avenue. One homeless man said he relates to the immortal character’s need for companionship and how hard it must be for him […]

Residents may pay for damage

Dakota residents are up in arms after learning GW may charge them for vandalism in the building if property continues to be destroyed and defaced. Defecation in elevators, holes in walls and a stolen emergency phone are on the list of damages. When GW officials met with residents last week to discuss the damages, they […]