Mike Nartker

Moonshine Over America touches down at Buzz

For too long now, Great Britain has dominated the dance music scene. Most of the big names behind the turntables, such as Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and John Digweed, all make the United Kingdom their home. But America is also rapidly growing its own crop of top-name DJs. They can be found in clubs and parties […]

Two albums hint at a new British Invasion

Every time the rock `n’ roll scene in America hits a bump in the road, a band from across the ocean in the United Kingdom comes to build it all back up again. In the early 1960s, when so many American rock stars were out of commission (Elvis, Little Richard, Buddy Holly), the U.K. sent […]

Mojave 3 provide a quiet alternative on new album

When bands breakup and members go on to form other groups they produce sound different from the past. Post-punk downers Joy Division, after the death of singer Ian Curtis and subsequent break-up, became the more dance-friendly New Order. After the suicide of Kurt Cobain, members of Nirvana went on to form the much more upbeat […]

Techno legend Photek opens up to The GW Hatchet

Thanks to the so-called, electronica revolution, of the mid-90s, techno music quickly gained a newfound visibility and a set of celebrities. What had once been a pretty faceless genre of music: DJs hidden behind decks of turntables and producers churning out the tracks they spun, saw a rise of faces to go with the newly […]

New albums help to define the burgeoning sound of tech-house

In the mid-90s, a new sound was slowly developing in electronic music. Partially in response to a considered dumbing-down of techno, artists started to create a new sound. One that was more ambient and abstract, leaving behind a lot of the beats and danceability that techno had in the rave scene. Artists like Aphex Twin, […]

Photek finds soul in electronic music on newest release

For fans of electronic music, Photek is one of those artists you feel you should have in your CD collection. The man is one of the acknowledged masters of drum and bass, and his obsessive, bordering on the anal-retentive, production habits are legendary. But for all of his obvious talent and skill, most of the […]

Kid 606 gets loud and raw on electronica debut

Techno music is capable of evoking many different moods. It can make you want to dance. It can be hypnotic. It can be great chill-out music. It can make you scratch your head. But for all that, one of the few moods to come across in techno is pure anger. Punk could do it. So […]

Dirty Beatniks hits listeners with Feedback on debut

There’s been a new trend in electronic music during the past year. Bands and artists are now starting to take a darker look on technology, club-life and the future. Electronica heavyweights like Primal Scream, Death In Vegas and David Holmes, have all released death-disco albums, in which the music booms, drugs flow and people dance. […]

Getting to know yourself through Kokology

You’re having a party. The guests are all there and everybody is just hanging out, but not much is going on. You’ve gone through all the drinking games, and sure those were fun, but now what do you do? Well, leave it to Japan, the nation that brought us Karaoke and the virtual pet, to […]

Bjork returns with Selma Songs

Bjork is probably Iceland’s best-known export since . well, probably since ice. From her early days with the under-appreciated Icelandic band The Sugarcubes to her groundbreaking and innovative solo work in the 90s, Bjork has emerged as one of the oddest and interesting artists of the past 20 years. After a three-year pause since the […]