Mike Nartker

Coldplay stand on its own with its stunning debut Parachutes

Music critics often compare new groups to groups that have come before. When Radiohead burst onto the U.S. scene with its pseudo-grunge single Creep, comparisons were made to Nirvana. When Travis came out with its album, The Man Who, the anthemic power-rock sound and falsetto vocals were compared to Radiohead. Now, Travis is the new […]

The GW Hatchet’s top-10 picks for the best CDs of 2000

Let’s face it, the year 2000, the start of the new century and the new millennium, has not been an auspicious one for music. Disposable, throwaway pop music, bland and formulaic alternative (no term has changed meaning so much since when it was first used on groups like REM and Nirvana), and dumbed-down, bombastic rap-metal […]

New re-releases showcase the talent of cult icon Nick Drake

The story of British folk singer Nick Drake is an odd and tragic tale in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Drake released three albums that critics loved, but not many others even noticed. Depressed over the state of his floundering career, Drake ended up killing himself, ironically, by overdosing on antidepressants. But word-of-mouth has […]

Fatboy Slim changes direction on new album

Fans of Fatboy Slim’s past releases may be a bit surprised by his new album, Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars (Astralwerks). The band pulls back from its signature big-beat sound – a cheesy, hook-laden, sample-frenzy sound that throws techno, rock and pop together into a musical Cuisinart to produce hits like Praise You […]

Low slows down a bit to chat with The Hatchet

Sometimes one just wants to slow things down and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. This is the niche acclaimed band Low fits neatly into. Since 1993, Low produced several critically acclaimed albums that helped define the slo-core sound – a somber and fragile sound – and offered achingly beautiful music. Guitarist and singer […]

Deep Dish talks to The Hatchet about helping D.C. get down

One of the groups responsible for casting D.C. into the techno limelight is the duo Deep Dish. Formed by Ali Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi, the renowned duo has made critically acclaimed records, is known world-wide for their DJ sets and has helped to build the dance music scene in D.C., almost from the ground up, […]

Robbie Williams is Winning with new release

America got its first taste of Robbie Williams with last year’s The Ego Has Landed, a type of greatest-hits compilation with songs taken from his two UK albums. The album contained hits like Millennium, as perfect a piece of pop music one could find, the sappy, over-the-top, and wonderfully beautiful ballad Angles, and the explosive […]