Mike Koutsoudakis

Students volunteer for the holidays

Charitable organizations are noting that receipts to their coffers have steadily grown over the years, despite the nation’s economic hiccups. Numbers of volunteers contributing time and effort grew from 59.8 million people in 2002 to 65.4 million volunteers in 2005 in a period they $150 billion in service. A possible point of concern appears to […]

American Anthropological Association condemns association with U.S. torture tactics

Anthropologists are united in their displeasure following the revelation that their research has been used by the US military to extract information from Arab detainees in Abu Ghraib and other military installations. In an article published in The New Yorker, Seymour Hersh unveiled that anthropological research on Arab culture had been exploited in an effort […]

Anxiety grows around teen net use

A real and dramatic difference is emerging in how teenagers handle personal relationships compared to adults in their late 20s, transforming the social lives of teens and often bewildering their elders. For the younger crowd, online time is steadily supplanting personal contact with friends. A recent Nielson/NetRatings study documented a 24 percent rise in Web […]

Disorder and discontent dominate at Gallaudet U.

Gallaudet University appears to be in meltdown as members of the school’s board of trustees resign at an alarming rate. In two succeeding days, Sen. John McCain and board chair Brenda Jo Brueggemann submitted letters of resignation that referenced the dismissal of incoming president Jane K. Fernandes as their primary motivation for stepping down. “I […]

Senator calls for comprehensive inquiry into lender practices

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Il., has called on the Department of Education to review suspect practices by lenders involved in the Federal Family Education Loan program. Durbin submitted a letter to the department’s inspector general Oct. 31 requesting that the review be expanded to all entities associated with the program and that all regulations agreed to […]

Pre-gaming: A college pastime under attack

What requires as little as one six-pack of beer and two hours to properly pull off? The answer is pre-gaming. Pre-gaming is the traditional college practice of drinking alcohol in a dorm room with friends as a way to get ready to drink more someplace else. The pre-gaming ritual is rational because it offers students […]

Finding a voice in the fight for gender equality

When Jessica Janiuk, a public communication major from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, sought off-campus employment following graduation, she was rejected solely on the basis of her sexual orientation. “I personally was denied employment at a large chain in the Eau Claire area for being transgender. They blatantly told me so when I applied,” said Janiuk. […]