Mike Bocchini

Autumn’s rituals begin anew at GW

Autumn has finally arrived. And with the swirling red and orange leaves now blowing along the sidewalks come new obligations. You have to remember your coat as you run out to that early morning class (read 8 a.m. for freshmen/9:30 a.m. for sophomores/11 a.m. for juniors/12:30 p.m. for seniors). There’s the switch from air conditioning […]

Why do we drink like we do?

Last week a friend of mine turned 21. Let’s call her L. Lewis. No, no, no, that’s too obvious. Lori L. Anyway for Lori L.’s birthday, we observed the typical rituals for this momentous occasion. There was the pre-bar bash as Lori L. and her friends waited for midnight to roll around, passing the time […]

GW and the bold, boring future

I’d like to talk to you kids today about boredom. It can grip you at your very soul and take away your will to live. Now I’m not referring to that prissy French kind, ennui, or the malaise that only geniuses possess and the insane lament. We’re Americans, dammit, so I don’t want to hear […]

The $64,600 question

Responsibilities, we all have them, to ourselves, our families, and yes even to our fellow GW students. Little responsibilities such as moving your clothes from the washer to the dryer in a timely fashion are necessary so that those of us who were down to our last pair of boxers yesterday can do our laundry. […]

Freshmen beware of administration, SA intrigue

Welcome Freshmen: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. All of you who are thinking that the above quote was from Shakespeare, well you’re wrong and should no longer be wondering why you did so poorly on the SAT verbal section. The quote is from Dant?. No not the Dant? from Clerks, the medieval Italian […]

Machiavelli’s classic lives on at GW

It has recently come to my attention that a certain university president is planning a revision of that classic text for city-state rulers, iron-fisted diplomats and Republican presidential hopefuls. Yes, I’m talking about Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince. Using my super-sleuth powers, I was able to obtain an advance copy of the revision. Here are some […]