Michelle Williams

Colleges prepare students for post-graduation

Going back to Chicago to work for a year is what Alyce Horowitz plans to do after college. Like many graduating seniors this year, the Illinois native said she is moving back home because she doesn’t have any money. Horowitz, who is graduating in May from the University of Maryland, College Park, also hopes to […]

Gates foundation donates millions to help D.C. students

Many D.C. high school students smiled last Thursday with the announcement of a $122 million grant that will help students from low-income families attend college. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the grant will support the city’s effort to double the number of high school and college graduates by 2010. One of the […]

Study says education support on the rise

If you think your state, county or city doesn’t care about your higher education, think again. According to a study released by the State Higher Education Executive Officers March 8, state and local support “per full-time equivalent student in public institutions” increased to $6,325 in fiscal 2006-a 5.1 percent jump from last year’s $6,017. However, […]