Michelle Kessel

Food for thought

Freezing temperatures, snow squalls and ice are all reminders that winter is in full swing. After walking around in the cold all day, the last thing one wants is to go back out at night in even colder temperatures to find dinner at J Street. Stews are great wintertime dinners. They are very thick soups […]

DC Diary: Walking in a winter wonderland

Washington Winter Wonderland Thursday, Dec. 5 12:46 a.m. It was early on Thursday morning. After studying for countless hours for my final exam and putting the finishing touches on my final paper, I was ready to go to sleep. Before I shut off the lights and went into dreamland, I looked outside. So where was […]

Food for thought

This is a great recipe for stuffing that caters both to vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is sure to please the pallet and maybe even outshine the turkey. Traditionally stuffing is cooked inside the bird. This gives it more flavor, but is not necessary. For this, follow cooking instructions for the poultry – don’t worry about […]

Food for thought

The heat is turned on in the residence halls and outside the temperature is falling into the 30s at night. With wintertime comes flu season. The flu shot may not be an option, so simply do what moms have always told their children – make some chicken soup. Chicken is easily recycled from other dishes. […]

Food for thought

The air temperature has turned from hot and humid to crisp and cool. Thoughts of apple cider and pumpkins come to mind. Besides being cut into jack-o-laterns, pumpkins also have several culinary uses like eating the seeds or making soup, tortellini, pie, ice cream and cookies. These cookies are a great way to celebrate fall, […]

GW’s guide to non-alcholic fun

In most people’s minds the thought of college fun conjures up images of bars. But what happens when underage students do not have a usable fake ID, know a bouncer at the door or have another brilliant plan to get in? And what do students who are of legal age do for fun on the […]

Food for thought

Have left over veggies from making a salad, fajitas, or another dish? A stir-fry is a great idea. This quick and easy recipe is perfect for after class or right before going out. Another plus of this recipe is that it takes advantage of vegetables that may be going bad. If a large assortment of […]

Resisting the temptation to buy junk food

Harris Teeter Market Monday, Sept. 23 4 p.m. I survived my trip to the supermarket. It does not sound like an amazing feat, but for me a trip to the grocery store is like going to Temptation Island – one woman on a diet trying to be broken up by hundreds of savory baked goods, […]

How ’bout a boost?

Did I eat today? So many things to do so little time. In between juggling classes, schoolwork, internships, extracurriculars and time with friends, it’s often hard to find time to follow a healthy diet when most college meals come pre-prepared. Getting in all the necessary nutrients and vitamins every day can be difficult, and students […]

A look at past GW majors

GW has not always been the place that we all see today. We notice the physical differences on the campus with new fast food chains in J Street, resident halls and Kogan Plaza. Some of the most dramatic changes are things that we cannot see but have affected the academic structure of the University. After […]