Michelle Kessel

Identity theft grows nationwide

Kari Hirsh, a junior at the George Washington University from Great Neck, N.Y., said she has learned to always rip up her shopping receipts. Recently, Hirsh received a phone call from her bank about charges on a credit card totaling nearly $800. But Hirsh said she did not make these charges, nor was her actual […]

Reality television to fund college education

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The search is on for contestants for a new reality show, different from any other program of its kind. The prize: A fully paid-for college education at any school in the country. A new unscripted reality show, tentatively called “The Scholar” will pit 15 qualified high school seniors against each other for […]

Legislation could hurt reputation of universities

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Traditional and non-profit universities fear their reputations may be crushed by a bill being debated in Congress. The College Access and Opportunity Act, introduced in May, would make it easier for students to transfer academic credits from fast upstart, for-profit schools, like DeVry University or ITT Technical Institute, to more traditional universities […]

Students use fashion to wax political

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – With less than a month until this year’s heated election, the presidential candidates are not the only ones making political statements. Politicians, celebrities and voters have been spotted sporting apparel with unique political messages. Popular topics include: Promoting a favorite presidential candidate or encouraging people to vote on November 2. College students […]

Big Tobacco on trial

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Despite a U.S. government law suit against cigarette makers, college students say they are unlikely to curb their smoking habits. After awaiting trial for five years, the Department of Justice brought its case against tobacco companies to court on Sept. 21 for dangerous advertising practices and hiding smoking hazards from the public. […]

Reality television reaches Iraq

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Broken widows, blasted walls and falling roofs are common sites at homes in today’s war torn Iraq. But, help has arrived for some needy families that comes in a form familiar to many Americans: Reality television. “Labor and Materials,” the country’s first reality show, is Iraq’s answer to “Extreme Home Makeover.” On […]

Assault weapon ban expires

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Congress allowed a 10-year ban on deadly firearms to expire on Monday, Sept. 13, when they did not ask President Bush to renew the program. The expiration of the 1994 assault weapon ban allows the purchase of 19 types of previously outlawed military-style weapons, including Uzis and AK-47s. The ban, which was […]

All wound up

“Knit one, purl two, knit one, purl two.” This is not your grandmother’s knitting circle – Julia Roberts, Lauren Ambrose from HBO’s “Six Feet Under” and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi are members, too. Knitting is not just for old ladies anymore, and GW students are catching on to the trend, along with some of the […]

Furry and fuzzy make the best friends

With housing selection coming up finding the perfect roommate has become a priority for many students. Someone who doesn’t take up too much space would be nice. And if they didn’t talk back or start fights, it would be a perfect match. Suddenly the sounds of soft purring or a friendly bark here and there […]

The perks of going to school in the District

What do Madeline Albright, Dick Clark, Bill Gates, Ronald Reagan, Monica Lewinski and Oprah Winfrey have in common? Besides being celebrities, all were interns before their careers took off. One of GW’s biggest attractions is its prime location in D.C., a mecca of internship opportunities. Students can work at the White House, newspapers, think tanks, […]