Michelle Higgins

GW works to protect students from sex assault

The Joint Committee of Faculty and Students will take a closer look at the University’s policies on rape and sexual assault Friday. Currently, the student handbook lists guidelines students should follow if they are raped or sexually assaulted. Emergency numbers for the University Police Department and the GW Hospital emergency room are included in the […]

Plans for hospital site remain indefinite

GW expects to open the doors to a new hospital in just three years, but GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said it remains unclear what will happen to the site of the current hospital when the new facility opens. “It’s just too soon to tell,” said GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. The University must consider […]

Exhibit explores moods of jazz

Jazz music has been an inspiration to many artists. Friday night, musicians and dancers will come together for “Seeing JAZZ Move” to explore the moods and rhythms of jazz. It will be a site-specific performance in conjunction with “Seeing JAZZ,” an exhibition of the Smithsonian’s International Gallery of Art. The exhibit showcases artwork and literature […]

Dance lacks exploration

While the leaps and movement qualities of many dancers often are compared to birds in flight, few have come as close to flying as H. Art Chaos’ flock of female dancers Tuesday night at GW’s Marvin Center Theater. In Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring,” the Japanese dance company performed an aerial dance by dangling from ropes. […]

Formulaic performance lacks crowd interaction

Bill T. Jones follows just the right formula in his latest work, complete with technical tricks and dramatic details. But the highlights of his show occur when the rules are broken. “We Set Out Early … Visibility Was Poor” is Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company’s first full-length work since the celebrated “Still/Here” in 1994. […]

Move over, Recess

The newest GW comedy group may call itself Purely Coincidental, but it’s far from PC. Recess is no longer the only comedy group on campus. But the appearance of PC was hardly coincidental; founding the group took a lot of planning and hard work. Senior Andrew Kozma and sophomore Ryan Frank, who started the group […]

Students face debt challenge

As students find themselves saddled with telephone bills, textbook expenses and miscellaneous expenditures, credit card debt looms large as a challenge of student life. With credit card solicitors outside the Marvin Center offering free T-shirts, prepaid calling cards and discounts on air travel, credit cards are a ubiquitous temptation. The 1997 Colonial Cabinet warned freshmen […]

Abstract dance premiers in D.C.

The title of Bill T. Jones’ new work, “We Set Out Early . Visibility Was Poor,” may sound like a short story title, but the world dance premier performance holds epic possibilities. The performance, which is approximately 75 minutes in length with no intermission, is comprised of three sections. “On the TS2,” set to Stravinsky’s […]