Michelle Bradbury

Despite job creation, starting salaries drop, study finds

This year’s graduating class will enter the workforce with slightly lower starting salaries, but more students should have jobs than those who graduated last spring, according to two surveys conducted last month by the National Association for Colleges and Employers. The organization’s Job Outlook report showed an increase of a little more than 5 percent […]

‘Hot Mommas’ feature female mentors

Correction appended A GW professor created a network of business women by collecting personal stories to communicate, teach, share and mentor others about how to negotiate finding a balance between having a personal life and school or work-the Hot Mammas Project. Kathy Korman Frey, a GW professor of the women’s entrepreneurial leadership class, consultant and […]

University “Warm Zones” draw many to Hippodrome

Web Exclusive The Student Activities Center provided students with a potential cure for their cabin fever throughout the week with University activities in designated “Warm Zones.” SAC offered events like free movies, bowling and food nearly all week. The Fishbowl has had free breakfast almost every morning with coffee and donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. “We […]

Abortion rallies draw students

Protesters filled parts of downtown D.C. Friday, brandishing signs that read ‘I regret my abortion’ or ‘It’s my body, it’s my decision’ as demonstrators came from across the country to protest or celebrate the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. On campus, multiple student and religious groups including Colonials for Life, Voices for Choices, Newman […]

Study: exercise regimens are harder to keep for obese

While the Lerner Health and Wellness Center is bustling with increased traffic from students with fresh New Year’s resolutions, a new University Medical Center study shows those who most need a fitness regimen have a harder time adhering to it. Obese people and others who are not fit have a difficult time keeping to their […]

Two students find NPR internships worth their while

Web Exclusive At some organizations, an internship is the equivalent of being the errand-boy. It is getting coffee, sorting mail, and filing paperwork. At National Public Radio, two GW students found it could also be an incredible experience with real responsiblity. Interns at NPR are involved with their team taking on projects and responsibilities as […]

New counseling program addresses eating disorders

A new counseling program aimed at increasing awareness and treatment for those suffering from eating disorders has been initiated by the University Counseling Center. Two key components of the push, which encourages students with eating disorders or body issues to seek help, are an improved treatment plan and increased outreach to at-risk groups, including women […]

Summer reading made mandatory

Dean of Freshmen Fred Siegel is giving the Class of 2013 their first college assignment before school even starts. For the past three years at Colonial Inauguration, Siegel has encouraged, but not required, students to read a book that he recommends and then rewards those who write the best essays about the books with an […]

Students, officials celebrate Pelham Hall renovations

Students, staff members and neighbors came to the site of Pelham Hall on the Mount Vernon Campus on Friday for the ceremonial groundbreaking of the residence hall’s renovation – which is expected to bring a slew of amenities to the campus. Several University officials spoke at the “Building Rising” event before the ceremonial concrete pouring. […]