Michael Moffett

Hawking pushes for increased study of outer space

Acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking called for renewed interest in the study of outer space and science, in a speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of NASA at the Jack Morton Auditorium on Monday. The Cambridge University professor and renowned author said society is increasingly regulated by science and technology, but few students are pursuing scientif careers […]

Business school offers class on creating a virtual world

Web Extra “The Office” character Dwight Schrute isn’t the only one using the Second Life computer program while on the job. This summer, the School of Business is offering a class that will teach students how to create an online, virtual world where characters can talk, do business and make money. John Artz, a professor […]

Doctoral student makes discovery on Neanderthal eating habits

Web Extra A doctoral student studying hominid paleobiology has pioneered a method for analyzing reindeer bones from around 65,000 to 12,000 years ago, an accomplishment that allows scientists to further understand the eating habits of early humans. Early humans flocked to reindeer meat when the temperature dropped, J. Tyler Faith discovered. “We see a steady […]

Professors play key role in emergency action plan

Web Extra Professors are now playing a key role in a new initiative by GW’s Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management to inform students about the emergency action plan. Professors have been advised to talk to their students about how to escape in case of a fire or other emergency at the start of […]

Pageant raises thousands

The Mu Delta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha held its sixth annual Miss Freshman Pageant at Marvin Center Sunday, showcasing five ladies from the class of 2011. Tiffany Shaw won the title of Miss Freshman and $1,000 in scholarship money. She also received the top fundraiser award for raising almost $1,500 for the Level Ten […]

Bats fly into Guthridge and HOVA

Bats flew into three residence hall rooms this week, twice entering rooms in the Hall on Virginia Avenue, and once entering a room in Guthridge Hall. Assistant Dean of Students Rebecca Sawyer sent a blast e-mail Tuesday to all students living in on-campus housing, informing them of the bat entries, and advising them to only […]

Popcorn fumes linked to disease

Fumes from a fresh bag of microwavable popcorn may be harmful to inhale, according to a study led by a GW professor. The main component in butter flavored popcorn, diacetyl, causes “deadly, irreversible lung disease,” said David Michaels, a research professor of environmental occupational health. The fumes from diacetyl are released when the popcorn is […]