Michael Fabrikant

D.C. taxis to change from zones to meters

Federal legislation passed earlier this month may force D.C. taxis to switch from the current zone system to a metered cab system like New York City’s. On Oct. 17, President George W. Bush signed the D.C. Omnibus Authorization Act, which included an amendment that requires all taxis licensed in the District to charge fares by […]

WEB EXTRA: Junior facing assault charge may have case dismissed

A court ruling Tuesday determined that a junior charged with tackling a woman two months ago will have his case dismissed if he follows court orders. D.C. Superior Court Judge Linda Turner accepted a first-time offender diversion, which allows Guyer to avoid a plea of guilty or not guilty for assault. “Jesse has learned a […]

Students organize projects to commemorate Gandhi’s birthday

Students helped organize community service projects in D.C. Saturday for a national service day to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. The national organization South Asian American Leaders of Tomorrow sponsored the event, called “Be The Change.” SAALT focused the day on commemorating the famous non-violence leader, and its title is derived from Gandhi’s words, “We must […]