Mica Schneider

D.C. high school proves it truly is `without walls’

A boy did jumping jacks in a basement hallway, training for a cross country race. On the first floor, a girl snapped pictures for a photo class of her friends posing and making funny faces. At the end of the school day, no one was racing out the doors, but everyone was on the move. […]

GWorld glitch locks out students

Students who live on campus lost access to their residence halls Saturday morning when the GWorld system went down. The GWorld card office is trying to determine the cause of the failure that left students propping open front doors and waiting for elevators, as card readers both inside and outside of most residence halls failed. […]

Smaller classes, larger library could be in law school’s future

The philosophy of outgoing law school Dean Jack Friedenthal will continue to spark debate after he leaves in June. Friedenthal said he believes reduced class size and a higher dollar amount spent per student are necessary to the school’s future. However, GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has expressed different ideas. Higher admissions are vital to […]

Card-less students are disadvantaged

Eight hundred GW students have not yet received their promised Student Advantage membership cards, slated as part of the GWorld card program initiated in August, Student Advantage Marketing Manager Erik Geisler said this week. Geisler said he learned of the problem last week when the number of calls from GW students increased to a level […]