Meredith Grossman

UPD braves Metro training

First they heard the rumble. Then they felt the vibrations. As the sound ripped through the darkness, a gust of wind made the hair on their bodies stand on end. They pressed against the concrete wall to maintain balance. The Metro train sped past, just inches in front of their noses. 3It was like a […]

Education bill steps up campus crime reporting

GW’s methods for reporting campus crimes surpass the standards laid out in higher education legislation passed on Capitol Hill last week, University Police Director Dolores Stafford said. Both houses of Congress approved the Higher Education Reauthorization Act, calling for expanded reporting of campus crime information and increased punishment for students caught selling or possessing drugs. […]

Former UPD officer convicted of abuse

A former University Police officer could face up to 15 years in prison after he was convicted Wednesday of one count of felony child abuse in a Maryland court. Former UPD special officer Vernon Cooper faced two additional counts of abuse, but the jury could not reach a verdict on them and was declared deadlocked. […]

Student allegedly raped in residence hall

A GW student allegedly was raped by an acquaintance in her residence hall room Sunday evening, University Police Director Dolores Stafford said. To protect the victim and the investigation, details of the incident were not released, Stafford said. She said the student allowed the suspect into her room because she had met him earlier in […]

Columbia Plaza burglary worries students

Students who live in the Columbia Plaza apartment complex said they are concerned about security after a student’s apartment in the five-building complex was burglarized Sept. 5. Junior Julie Wenger said she locked the door but did not lock the deadbolt to her apartment in the “A” building of the complex on 23rd and E […]

UPD increases officer positions

Twenty new officers joined the 65-member University Police Department staff this academic year and nine new officer positions were created this fall to accommodate the Mount Vernon campus, UPD Director Dolores Stafford said. Grae Baxter, executive dean of Mount Vernon, said the presence of UPD officers has been noticed by members of the 26-acre, all-women’s […]