Meredith Cantone

Finals Frustration

Giving up on Gelman? Fed up with Cosi? Done with your dorm room? If you’re one of many students anxiously studying or writing papers these next few weeks, you’re probably also one of many students going stir-crazy from studying at the same tired places. So toss your Cosi sandwiches, ditch your roommates and head out […]

A capital time at the Capitol Have you ever wondered who those people on CNN are (and no, I don’t mean James Carville or Tucker Carlson)? Well, chances are, you voted for them in the last election. Instead of watching them on the television screens in the Media and Public Affairs building, I decided it was time to see our […]

Valentine’s day gift guide

So do you think the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was really about a bunch of mobsters? Well, the FBI may have their theories, but I hear Capone was just upset because nobody sent him a Valentine’s Day card. In order to prevent a sequel to this tragedy, I’ve sorted through all the usual suspects to […]