Melissa Miller

Officials soften strategic plan ideas

Administrators and faculty are finalizing the strategic plan and toning down more dramatic initiatives as the drafting stage enters its final month. Two of the strategic plan’s most transformative proposals – creating a one-college model and creating a massive GW-run think tank – have been chiseled down after hundreds of campus stakeholders weighed in. Provost […]

Swell of new faculty shows hiring edge

The University’s relatively stable financial footing coming out of the recession allowed it to invest in more professor hires this year as its national counterparts were forced to slow down faculty expansion, top leaders said. While many public and some private colleges face budget shortfalls and have been forced to rein in hiring, GW added […]

Since slump, economics majors increase

When John Soriano took AP economics during his senior year of high school in 2008, a busted economy made for a booming curiosity. Amid the fallout of the financial crisis, the junior opted to pursue a degree in economics – a move his classmates are increasingly choosing as the department has seen a 100 percent […]

Lessons sought for plagiarists as cases rise

Tim Terpstra doesn’t want students to think of him as the “grim reaper” for academic dishonesty. Instead, the director of the Office of Academic Integrity is searching for new ways to spin the rising number of plagiarism cases in recent years into learning opportunities. The office has seen 38 cases of plagiarism so far this […]