Melanie Hoffman

Melanie Hoffman: Can we FIXit? Eh, maybe later.

Everyone has his or her own complaint or knows a friend who has a complaint about FIXit. The service that is supposed to be in charge of managing repairs in order to keep student rooms in working order has proven to be unorganized, inefficient and just too slow. While the occasional individual can survive living […]

Melanie Hoffman: Rooms for the rich

My parents always told me that money cannot buy happiness and that money cannot solve all your problems. But apparently, my parents didn’t know that at GW, this is untrue. At GW, a hefty sum of money can get you first dibs on the best campus housing. This past week the Residence Hall Association announced […]

Melanie Hoffman: Go to class

As the semester has progressed, the size of each of my classes has shrunk rapidly. Every day fewer and fewer people show up to class, to the extent where there are sometimes fewer than 50 people in a lecture that is supposed to have 220 students. Sure, there are times when you really want to […]

Melanie Hoffman: What would your father say?

Halloween, one of GW’s favorite holidays, is right around the corner and every girl is thinking about what she is going to be. Or, more importantly, what is she going to wear? Most likely, as little as possible. Whether the scandalous outfit this year has a red medical cross stamped somewhere to qualify you as […]

Melanie Hoffman: EMeRG is not UPD

Have a cut? Call EMeRG. Have a fever? Call EMeRG. Sprained ankle? EMeRG treats that too. Drank too much alcohol? Fine, I suppose you can go ahead and call EMeRG. I have noticed that many GW students, especially freshmen, have a general distaste for EMeRG because of its affiliation with alcohol-related problems. Some think that […]