Megan Stack

Thoughts on the way to the door

It’s getting awfully crowded around here. Last night, I looked up from the computer and saw the office filled with trainees, chattering away about their new jobs, their plans for next year. “Lee, do you get the feeling this isn’t our office anymore?” I asked. “Yes,” she agreed ruefully. “It’s time for us to go.” […]

Scholars, activists to look for a meeting of the minds

Activists and scholars can be uncomfortable bedfellows, but GW will seat the two in the same parlor at its “Activism and the Academy: Opening Dialogues” conference March 27-28. “There is a perception that academic language complicates and distracts from the actual project,” conference coordinator Rachel Riedner said. “But on the other hand, there is a […]

GW senior arrested protesting Klan

GW senior Chris Johnson was one of three people arrested for leaping over four-foot police barricades during Saturday’s anti-Ku Klux Klan rally in Annapolis. “I don’t do things halfway,” explained Johnson, an economics major. “I got caught up in the moment.” Johnson was arrested by Maryland state police and charged with disorderly conduct for failure […]

Roe v. Wade

Editors Note: The name of the woman in this story was changed at her request. Katherine frowned as she walk across the Ellipse. The gray morning air crackled – the horizon cluttered with moving figures, red-letter signs parted to reveal more posters, more clouds of breath. Christian rock from a loudspeaker swung eerily over the […]

In the Spotlight: Young Wang

Young Wang’s eyes have seen more than they let on. He is a GW graduate student. He has worked, climbing up from a lowly dish washing job. He has garnered prizes and acclaim as a bilingual poet. And he once headed a parade of students through the streets of Beijing, toward a park called Tiananmen […]

Departments look for new faces to head the class

When Annie Wooldridge talks about affirmative action in faculty hiring at GW, she knocks on wood. “We do pretty well for ourselves,” she explained, rapping on her desk. “We have the policies down pat. Any change has to happen in that department, in that search committee, that office. The trick is to close the gap […]

Vikram Chandra

In Vikram Chandra’s earliest memories of his mother, she is scratching out screenplays in the afternoon sunlight. “She’d sit there at the kitchen table for hours with these long sheets of writing paper and a pen,” he says. He sighs, and yanks his eyes from tree branches outside his Academic Center office. “But of course […]

SMPA looks ahead, celebrates its past

GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs is forging ahead in the wake of the June death of associate journalism professor and SMPA father figure Charles Puffenbarger. “The administration has been very supportive,” SMPA Director Jean Folkerts said. “Instead of having to patch programs together to fill the space Puff left, they made it possible […]