Megan Roarty

Preparing for the Saudi assignment

Stephanie Hallett recently had her first dream in Arabic. The language did not come easily for Hallett, who has been attending intensive language study at the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute in Virginia for the last five months. But after five hours of class every day, plus an expected two or three hours of additional […]

Aboard the Nationals fan wagon

GW has Washington Nationals fever. Students all over campus are displaying their love of the American pastime and devotion to D.C., all wrapped up into one cursive “W” woven on a red hat. “It’s great to see everyone rallying around the Nationals and what’s happening for the city and for baseball,” said Steve Roche, a […]

Hitching a ride

Senior Keith Raine wanted to pick his girlfriend up from the airport when she returned after a weekend away. While he could have called a cab, taken public transportation or bummed a ride from a buddy, Raine wanted to ride in style. Regardless of the District of Columbia’s convenient Metro, bus and taxi systems, life […]

Confronting Homelessness

siness suits and boardroom meetings lay the problems that face many urban areas. Unlike most other cities, however, D.C. is home to both the nation’s most powerful individuals, as well as some of the most disempowered – the homeless. Located in the very heart of this complex framework, GW’s campus lures students from across the […]

Dumbing down A’s

For many students, being average in the classroom is unacceptable. Receiving mostly A’s and B’s not only has become the norm, but it’s become an expectation, and professors nationwide have become increasingly generous when boosting student grade point averages. Researchers studying grading trends over the last 35 years have found that awarding higher marks for […]

The Mighty Mabel vs. the Power Tower: Has Mabel grown up?

The entrance to Ivory Tower buzzed on Saturday evening as students made their way in and out of GW’s newest residence hall. They shuffled through the front lobby carrying bags of groceries and 24-packs of beer. A UPD officer sat in the back of the lobby with a direct view of the door and three […]

Behind the man behind the wheel

Meet Joe. Joe is one of thousands of taxicab drivers in the D.C. area. He has salt-and-pepper hair, a friendly smile and drives the streets of Washington when it turns dark, looking for people in need of a ride. You may know him, and if you don’t, then chances are you have met someone like […]

Debunking GW’s Myths, rumors and urban legans

The mind has an interesting way of inventing colorful interpretations of stories we hear from someone else. We listen intently to every bit of hearsay, revise it to our liking and then pass along a new version of the original story. Rumors, legends and myths are phenomena that have been sweeping high schools for generations. […]

Cover your neck but show some leg

The latest spring fashion has arrived at GW. Women, get ready to show some leg, men break out those oxfords, and everybody get ready to pop that collar. I set out on a sunny Saturday afternoon and hit up all the campus hot spots – J Street, Kogan Plaza and the Quad – to see […]