Megan Marinos

Kung fu champ kicks it in the classroom

Ron Wheeler, a former martial arts national champion with training in taekwondo, kung fu and tai chi, now teaches college girls how to uppercut, right hook and roundhouse kick. Wheeler’s cardio-kickboxing class has become famous among GW students. Trained in martial arts, Wheeler is responsible for pushing students to their max while educating them about […]

GW Study Break: The Enid A. Haupt Garden

If you’re looking for a little sunshine to go with your studying, consider visiting the Enid A. Haupt Garden behind the Smithsonian Castle. This grassy knoll on the National Mall is not your average tourist trap and comes equipped with free Wi-Fi that makes Internet access a breeze. A representative for Smithsonian business ventures explained […]

GW Expat: An un-American Thanksgiving

VIENNA, Austria “This is the first Thanksgiving we all aren’t in New Jersey.” I suppose this obvious fact had not quite hit me until my brother pointed it out. For the past two years my brother and I would drive up from D.C. to New Jersey to be with our family for Thanksgiving. Coming from […]

GW Expat: Stingy riders risk skipping metro fares

VIENNA, Austria If one day you entered the Foggy Bottom station and you were not required to swipe your Metro fare card, would you still purchase one? The city of Vienna works on what I would call an honor system. People are able to enter and exit public transportation with ease, not having to constantly […]

GW Expat: PDA, European-style

VIENNA — “Look at that! Could you ever imagine doing that? That’s so inappropriate,” my friend Emily said as we stood outside a restaurant in Vienna, Austria. We were initially looking at the menu but were quickly distracted by the rather extreme public display of affection occurring in one of the booths closest to the […]

What’s the deal with… … Metro changes?

Some believe it resembles the Bat Cave, while others just find it to be remarkably clean and efficient. Everyone’s impression of the D.C. Metro is different, but clearly there is something about the system that puts it above the rest. But now, the Metro is undergoing some changes that may alter its positive, unique image, […]

The Quarterlife Crisis

While dad is struggling to ride his new Harley-Davidson and cope with the fact that he is “over the hill” and only getting older, he may not realize that his twenty-something child is battling their own crisis. While many are familiar with the midlife crisis, few are aware of the quarterlife crisis experienced during the […]

Georgetown drinking policy allows kegs in residence halls

When D.C. students think of the differences between campus life at GW and Georgetown, university alcohol policy may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But come August, Georgetown students will be able to have kegs at their on-campus parties. Now that’s beer for thought. While both GW and Georgetown have similar alcohol […]

Take your dad to college

Traditionally when students leave home for college they get their first taste of freedom. Most see it as a time to escape from the life of mom and dad telling you what to eat or when to do your homework. But what if your dad went to college with you? Would it be an escape […]

Kicking the single blues

Let’s face it — many singles feel more rejection than romance on Valentine’s Day. So, it’s a good thing that the holiday inspires its fair share of anti-Valentine events for the romance rejects (or those who reject romance). “What is Valentine’s Day? Where did it come from? What makes the Patron Saint of Love so […]