Medha Gupta

Representative pairs with GW Hospital

Inspired by a health scare, one member of Congress is partnering with GW Hospital to raise awareness about pulmonary embolisms – a potentially deadly medical condition where a clot blocks blood flow to the lungs. Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., will appear in GW Hospital’s biannual Health News Magazine later this month, warning about the symptoms […]

Columnists say Republicans set to take over in November

The Republican Party is headed to victory in the November midterm elections, two top political columnists said Wednesday. Mark Shields of the Washington Post argued that it could be a good thing if the Republicans are successful, noting that the United States has seen the most progress under periods of divided government, citing the Reagan […]

Alum seeks to curb street harassment

Most women that live in an urban area can recall an instance in which a glance or call from an unsuspecting stranger on the street made them feel threatened. Holly Kearl, a GW alum, said it was time to end the act that is known as street harassment at a reading of her new book […]