Mckinley Kant

GW may nix incomplete marks from transcripts

Faculty are contemplating a policy shift that would remove the unwanted “incomplete” mark from transcripts of students who do not complete a course. For years, students have lamented the University’s policy on incomplete courses, which applies when students withdraw from courses for any reason – including due to medical concerns. Students often have to clarify […]

Eased rules would help online growth

State government leaders will likely move toward easing regulations for online programs, a step that would help GW continue to grow its burgeoning digital offerings. State government officials will meet in Indianapolis this week to discuss how to roll back patchwork regulations that higher education leaders say have slowed universities’ efforts to add online programs […]

GW eyes faculty for consulting jobs

After paying outside companies millions of dollars to consult on everything from land deals to legal contracts, the University also will tap those who know GW best – for less money.