Maya K. Francis

U.S. colleges urge help for uninsured

College students, faculty and administrators are working to increase the number adults covered by health insurance for Cover the Uninsured Week. The week spans May 1 through May 7 as a part of “the largest nonpartisan effort in history” to raise awareness about the nation’s uninsured, according to the Cover the Uninsured Week press release. […]

Student environmentalists urge car-makers to cut pollution

For most students, Apr. 1 is a day of jokes. But for some environmental activists, it was a chance to raise some important questions. This year, energy conservation advocates have dubbed the date Fossil Fools Day, and they say the joke is on American consumers and corporations at the expense of natural resources. In more […]

Perkins loans may be down for the count

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are criticizing President Bush’s proposed education budget, which calls for vast cuts in higher education spending and an end to the Perkins Loan program. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings appeared before the U.S. House of Representative’s appropriations subcommittee Mar. 9 to discuss the president’s proposal for the 2007 fiscal year budget, which […]