Max McGowen

Senior Stories: Mark Smith: Not your average sex study

Mark Smith has spent his time at GW trying to unravel a concept that many others have never even considered: human asexuality. The lack of sexual attraction in humans, says Smith, is a subject that has been explored from a psychological perspective. But what he believes distinguishes his study is that it is the first […]

New cup on the block

“It beats Starbucks,” said senior Nicky Barnett as she purchased a cup of coffee from the cart in front of Kogan Plaza – now run entirely by students. Simone Freeman, a sophomore, bought the cart a month ago from its former owner, Naceur Negra, who decided to leave the trade after 15 years of operating […]

STAR-spangled banter

“If you are a business major,” asked one parent, “can you do art too?” “Absolutely,” responded the tour guide. “GW is flexible, and you can do any combination of majors and minors that you want.” The guide mentioned the “big” theater and dance program that GW offers. Add to that the “thousands” of jobs available […]

Tracking global trends

Sophomore Irina Tisacova traveled more than 5,000 miles to Washington, D.C., to pursue her college education here. She is one of 1,772 international students that enrolled at GW last year and the only one from her home country of Moldova. Among institutions of higher education, GW is considered to have a very international flavor. It […]

What’s the deal with… The Odd Fellows building?

Students might not notice it after an exhausting workout at HellWell, but the domed building on the corner of 24th and G streets is the Friendship Lodge for the D.C. chapter of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The group traces its lineage back to the international Order of Odd Fellows, which has been active […]

GW video game simulates real emergencies

Treat the victims of biological attacks, triage patients in an earthquake and escort them to the hospital: This may sound like the typical job of an Army medic, but it is also what happens in a new video game designed by GW. GW’s Homeland Security Policy Institute teamed up with Virtual Heroes Inc., a game-development […]

The Man in Charge: Fred Siegel: the man behind the administrator

The Hatchet recently sat down with Dean of Freshmen Fred Siegel to talk about his phobias, heroes, contradictory love for New York City and some of the new initiatives this year for freshman. Hatchet: What exactly do your responsibilities entail as associate vice president and dean of freshmen? Siegel: My responsibilities are beyond dean of […]

Japanese Festival storms Marvin Center

Friday night’s lottery to win a Nintendo Wii didn’t involve ticket stubs or bingo balls. Instead senior Tammy Gasan-Dzhalalova had to eat a sandwich full of wasabi and win a Japanese version of rock-paper-scissors-shoot at the Japanese American Student Alliance’s Omatsuri. Although Gasan-Dzhalalova said she was excited to be taking home the night’s grand prize, […]

Cracking skulls

It was in 1936 at the GW Hospital that Dr. Walter J. Freeman attempted to cure mental illness with his secret weapon: an ice pick. On Monday night PBS aired the documentary, “The Lobotomist,” which chronicles Freeman’s signature surgery- known as the “ice pick” lobotomy – in which he would insert an ice pick into […]

Weekly Checkup: HIV/AIDS

It may not seem like an issue on campus, but HIV is an infection that has affected the D.C. area. Among D.C. residents, the rate of infection is about one in 20, said Susan Haney, director of outreach for Student Health Service. The extent to which the virus exists on campus is not monitored, so […]