Maura Judkis

WEB EXTRA: Don’t read “The DaVinci Code”

If you haven’t read Dan Brown’s international bestseller “The DaVinci Code” by now, a word of advice: don’t. The page-turner, which might be written at the comprehension level of a sixth-grader, not only insults any GW student’s intelligence, but it also ruins the first big summer blockbuster of the year. People have been waiting for […]

Entertainment guide for grads

Sure, you may have spent the past four years at GW enjoying many a weekend of escapades around the city, but graduation weekend is a whole new ball game. One weekend of entertainment has to sum up your entire college experience with the appropriate amount of nostalgia, novelty and of course, food and drink. The […]

WEB EXTRA: Gallaudet students protest new university president

As GW begins its search for a new president, students at another D.C. university are staging a sit-in to protest the selection of their new university president. Some students at Gallaudet, an institution for the deaf, have been protesting the new university president, Jane Fernandes, by holding a sit-in since her selection was announced May […]

Art on command

Oliver Herring is not a dictator. Nor is he the head of a congregation, the leader of a cult or even a person of any public influence, at all. He does not threaten or cajole. Yet, for some reason, when this artist tells perfect strangers what to do, they do it. Spit food coloring all […]

Ben Lee, Aqualung to play Fountain Day

Indie rockers Ben Lee and Aqualung are performing at Mount Vernon’s annual spring Fountain Day, according to Lee’s Web site. Aqualung’s Web site has not yet announced the concert. The Mount Vernon Programming Council’s Web site has yet to announce the concert. Sophomore Jenna Meier, of the Programming Council’s office, could neither confirm nor deny […]

Dancing kings and queens

The South Asian Society’s 13th annual Bhangra Blowout went off without a hitch Saturday night, but the fatal stabbing at last year’s celebration was still on the minds of many at DAR Constitution Hall. Thirteen teams from across the country competed for prizes of up to $4,000 in the style of dance and music that […]

Matisyahu to perform at Smith Center

Reggae music evokes images of dreadlocked Rastafarians – not long beards and curled locks. The stereotype-defying Hasidic Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu will bring his unique sound and atypical reggae image to the Smith Center on April 9. WRGW and the Student Activities Center will sponsor the concert, which station manager Steve Roche said would be […]

Dada: the art of doing nothing

Dada is nothing. Quite literally, that is – the name for the art movement of the 1920s is a nonsense word in German that means “nothing at all.” And because of this, many of the visitors to the National Gallery’s exhibit “Dada,” which is the first major exploration of the movement, will think nothing of […]

Bono calls for action in Africa

Modesty is one trait U2’s Bono cannot be accused of. As he strolled onto the stage of the Washington Hilton Friday evening to the tune of “Where the Streets Have No Name,” his first words to the hundreds in attendance were, “You’ll have to forgive me if I’m nervous. I’m not used to crowds of […]