Maura Judkis

WEB EXTRA: The Arcade Fire

Hearing Arcade Fire fill the DAR Constitution Hall with lush instrumentation last Friday was akin to a religious experience for the band’s many devoted fans – and that’s what the Canadian octet was going for. Or not. It only fits that the stage show for the tour supporting their latest release, Neon Bible, is rife […]

Maura Judkis: Will work for freebies

Get a job like this one, and hang on to it as long as you can. I worked as both the arts and special projects editor, for the same meager pay that the rest of the Hatchet staff received, but with one major perk – swag. Most of my weekends out have been subsidized by […]

WEB EXTRA: Producer for Howard Stern Show to speak at SMPA

There’s no boundary to Howard Stern’s raunch, said his producer, Doug Goodstein – especially now that he’s off the traditional TV and radio airwaves. “There’s no limit, it’s uncensored,” said Goodstein, of Howard TV On Demand, the radio personality’s iN Demand endeavor to replace his stint on the E! network. “I think the noose has […]

Valentine’s Day Guide: Around the world in four D.C. dates

In an all-American city like D.C., dating can be anything but. Sure, dinner and the latest chick flick might do the trick, but with so many exotic options right here in the District, American-as-apple-pie looks a little bland. Take your date to a different place without leaving the area code or splurging on pricy airfare […]

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – when visions of sugarplums, A’s on finals and flights home for days of relaxation dance through students’ heads. All these thoughts, however, are trumped by a more pressing concern – gifts for everyone on our holiday lists. Check out some of the Hatchet’s picks for every […]

Everything in its right place

Genre-benders in the music industry run the gamut from alt-country to pop-punk to anti-folk. Christopher O’Riley stands alone in a category that might be called alt-classical – he’s a pianist trained at the New England Conservatory of Music, but plays the music of artists more likely to be found in the average college student’s iPod […]

See the glorious “moviefilm” of Kazakhstan

It’s a good thing that the blatantly offensive, raunchy film “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” has received almost universal high-fives from critics. For if the “moviefilm” were to do poorly, says its hero, Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev, “I will be execute.” Talk about high stakes. The wildly popular […]

Out-of-Fashion Week in Washington

If D.C. Fashion Week had any sway in the style realm, next season’s attire for men and women would be brimming with sequins, velour, pleather, mesh, iridescent fabric, feathers, shells, sparkles and rhinestones. Bare midriffs would be back, and gaucho pants would have never left. Natural fabrics would be a major faux pas, and poly-rayon […]

10 things to do before you graduate

You may have seen the list already, and if you have, you probably think it’s daunting. “101 things to do at GW before you graduate,” proclaims the homepage, with a myriad of choices ending in “graduate in the city of presidents.” Well, sure. Assuming you don’t hate it here and transfer to State U […]