Matthew Monaco

Sci-fi femme: Charlize Theron talks about ‘Aeon Flux’

The edgy MTV cartoon “Aeon Flux” was known for its hyper-stylized setting and its eponymous character, whose outfit left little to the imagination. The show amassed a cult following, and the studio began planning for a movie. Finally, after years in development hell, the show was adapted into a live-action movie, with the main character […]

Thug cinema: An interview with 50 Cent

Music movies, especially those loosely based on the musician’s life story, have a history of either being well received hits or huge disasters. For every “Purple Rain” or “A Hard Day’s Night,” there’s a “Glitter” or a “Spice World.” Rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was well aware of this when making his first film, “Get […]

Nicole Kidman on campus for ‘The Visiting’

The I Street mall by the Foggy Bottom Metro stop was host to a film set Monday, as the new sci-fi thriller “The Visiting” began filming in D.C. A remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “The Visiting” stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, and had been shooting in Baltimore until Monday, which marked the […]

Sweet home Kentucky for Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe’s films share common themes and styles, and he is one of the few true auteurs working in film today. Writing and directing his films, he is able to inject them with a personal quality that is lacking in many modern directors’ works. His latest, “Elizabethtown” (Paramount), follows Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom), a failed […]

‘Waiting’ for a good movie

If “Waiting .” (Lion’s Gate) is any indication, the gross-out teen slacker comedy genre is on its last legs. It’s a sloppy mess of a comedy that’s a little too derivative of Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” and doesn’t attempt to do anything different from what we’ve seen in similar movies. The plot basically follows a day […]

More than just ‘Violence’

After a lackluster summer film season, it’s up to fall to offer some movie redemption. The end of August and the majority of September are referred to as “dumping grounds,” where the studios dump all their movies that don’t fit in either the packed summer season or the end-of-the-year Oscar season. Occasionally, a few films […]

Tough guys, tougher broads

It’s a rare occurrence for graphic novels to make a successful jump to the silver screen, as film adaptations often fail to capture the verbal and visual essence of a story. But thankfully, “Frank Miller’s Sin City” (Dimension Films) was not altered in this transition. “Sin City” isn’t a perfect film, but it’s the closest […]

A well-oiled machine

In the battleground of computer animation, the two behemoths of Pixar and Dreamworks reign supreme. Their different styles and philosophies, as well as their long-standing rivalry have garnered most of the press. Largely ignored is the third biggest studio, Blue Sky, who produced the 2002 hit “Ice Age” and now “Robots.” With its unique style […]

Film Review: Diesel: Out of Fuel

Vin Diesel, how far ye hath fallen. After “Saving Private Ryan,” “Pitch Black,” and even “The Fast & The Furious,” Diesel was prepped to become the next big action star. But after a string of critical and financial flops like “A Man Apart” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” he was in dire need of a […]